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The story behind the revamped LivingNow

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From March, 2012, issue

For years I’ve been publishing what I thought everyone in this niche wanted, but it has not totally pleased me.

Yes, I was serving Spirit and the niche, and was very fulfilled in that sense, but not my own artistic sense. So now I am finally publishing the magazine that I want to see, and I believe that others will enjoy it too.

Also, when we started in 1989 this niche was tight and we were all explorers. Now many people are adventurers in the realms of finding options to mainstream ways of thinking, living and being and many of them are perhaps put off our fabulous content by our previous more old-fashioned presentation.

Have a look at the new arty prototype, if you haven’t clicked it already.

The cover you see here – except for being a low resolution photo – is the ‘real’ March cover.

The internal pages of the prototype are comprised of some of the actual March articles to come, some Latin dummy articles to give you an idea of the new layout, and some old material which you may recognise from last July’s magazine, again put in to exhibit the new layout at this stage. They will be replaced with new articles in March.

Stella Woods’ astrological predictions and following my passion

Little did I know, when I read Stella’s predictions in our December magazine about the arts and fashion, that we’d be covering them ourselves, and so soon. I’ve always loved the arts myself and, the skinny models aside, have seen fashion as an art as well.

So I was ready to hear Spirit’s message to me when it was introduced by the talented photographer, Amaresh Wardha. Amaresh had kindly provided the front cover of the Jan/Feb magazine (see the virtual copy here).

He’s a brilliant fashion photographer (as you can see here) and so he suggested fashion – though he also suggested animals and landscapes. While the latter two didn’t do it for me, one night I was wrestling with fashion in my head, and by the time I went to bed, I could see how we could include it in LivingNow. I was over the moon! When I put my head on the pillow, in fact, all the words on the front cover just piled into my brain – all the F’s and then all the H’s, and then the big G-word was all that was left to complete the set!

Probably no need to tell you that Spirit works in interesting ways – within ten days the manner in which I thought we could include fashion had morphed from being based on more ‘ordinary’ model sizes to being based on green fashion. It was only later that I recalled what Stella Woods had said in her column about fashion, and realised it was there staring at me all along, as she said it in both December and Jan/Feb magazines:

11) The arts will continue to flourish both on and off line as Neptune in Pisces stimulates our appetite for film, fashion, beauty, glamour and music.

13) Sustainable fashion is here to stay. Expect a growing move towards organic and natural fibres and increasing interest in where our clothes come from and whether those making the clothing were properly paid and properly treated.

The rest of Stella’s predictions can be read here.

Finally I would like to acknowledge and thank the person who has supported and shared this journey and whose handiwork you see on the dummy pages – Belynda Simpson. She has worked on and off for me since the year 2000 and is the talent behind lots of the display ads in LivingNow. If you’d like to have a savvy/sassy/sexy display ad (and flyers, cards, etc.) made for you, she can adapt to any style, having worked on ads and magazines ranging from the local paper to high end women’s magazines. Her email is bel.art@bigpond.com

Warm wishes

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