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Does doing what you love stress you out?

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Are you happy in your job and yet stressed by it? Here’s some advice to get you out of that ‘rock and a hard place’ situation.

You may think that stress is related only to doing a job that you do not like. It is true that it is a form of stress. If you do not feel you can escape and are bound to the position, you feel you have no choices. When people find a career or commitment which they love and are enthusiastic about, this aspect of stress is released. Unfortunately, I have seen people who love what they are doing in as much stress as those who do not.

I have a friend who is a chef. She loves being a chef, loves cooking for people and preparing extraordinary meals. She would never give it up. This is all clear when you talk to her – and eat her delicious food.

The only fly in the ointment is that it is all very detrimental to her health.

She may love the job but the effect on her body is not very loving

It is like ‘being caught between a rock and a hard place’. She loves what she does so much she does not want to see the effect it is having on her own health. I think at some level she knows – but doesn’t want to know she knows. So, she continues using medicine and alcohol to get through the stress. This is a cycle where more is needed to help get through the day, just so that she can do what she loves.

I have seen this in different people with different loves. I think it is great that they have found what they love to do, that they have an enthusiasm for life. That is a blessing for everyone – those that they serve in their career and themselves. Others look at them and think they are very blessed in this, very lucky to have found what they love to do and are able to do it. This is true when they do what they love in a way that looks after themselves as well as their chosen field.

The glitch

Generally in life, the harder you push, the more resistance there is. The more attached and focused you are on your goal to the exclusion of all else, i.e., your health and relationships, the less successful you’re likely to be, both in life and eventually with the path that you love.

The stress becomes evident to others who at some level will not want to support, or at least will not be comfortable with your behaviour. It will also indicate that you are not as efficient or confident as you might need to be in order to get the job done.

In general, I have noticed that the universal energy does not support force and stress for the long term. Short term it seems to work – but as we are human our bodies have souls which can rebel and affect our well-being. It is said that 70% of illness is stress related. Your body gets your attention where it hurts – literally. You can have different symptoms depending on your genetic weaknesses which will affect different organs. But the result is a breakdown in agreement between you and your body.

So, what’s the problem?

On the spiritual level there is a lack of joy – a ‘have to do’ attitude, with a lack of self-love, trust, and acceptance. You are so absorbed in your chosen goals to the extent that you have forgotten about the vehicle that enables you to carry it out.The connection with your body and the earth that supports it may be weakened to the extent that, with time, you will not be able to function. You have lost focus of what truly supports you in your enthusiasm to succeed in doing what you love.

We gain our sustenance from the earth, both physically and energetically. Your body is the vehicle that supports your soul’s desire and your physical activities. It may be that you are so happy to have found your ‘love’ in life and hence see it as an either-or option, where being stressed seems like the only way to succeed. You do not want to risk losing what you have.

In the past you may have succeeded by forcing yourself and pushing for success. It seems logical that you should push yourself even more for something that you really love.

The good news

Stress can be a lesson for your soul – an awakening to let you know that life does not have to be stressful. By connecting with the earth and taking a moment to enjoy your surroundings you can regain your balance with yourself and the earth. The tasks that you wanted to do become easier and less stressful without even thinking about it. When you connect with the spirit within you and the world of nature around you, things fall into place. Your patience and understanding flower. You have a renewed joy in the work that you have chosen to do on this planet.

In this way you learn to have faith in yourself and a higher level of trust in the universe and God energy around you. Your self-confidence and understanding have gained ground. You can begin to know and feel that you are supported on many levels.

Three simple de-stress tips

  • First and foremost, take a moment to connect with the divine spirit within you. Know that you are not alone and that you will be supported in your chosen goal.
  • There is no need to take the world on your shoulders. Doing what you love for the good of all will be supported by seen and unseen forces. Ask for that support.
  • Take time to be with nature. Even a few minutes of focus and appreciation for a beautiful plant or flower will shift your stress. If you live in a city of concrete and have no paintings of nature, look at the shapes of the buildings. See them as a piece of art work. See the geometry and beauty in it all. They are creations of materials from the earth, shaped by humans.

The great thing about all this is that you get to enjoy your chosen path with less stress and more love spreading that joy to others who you encounter.

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Lydia Mitchell

Lydia Anne Mitchell was born and raised in Australia, earned her doctorate in chemistry from Carnegie-Mellon University, and has worked in research in both academic and corporate environments, and as a consultant. She is author of the book, 'Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extra Ordinary'. Lydia currently lives with her husband in the Patagonia region of Chile. For more information visit her web and blog site at

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