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Your subconscious mind

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A unique ‘swamp’ that creates your unique reality!

Your subconscious mind is a tape recorder and a video recorder. It has accurately recorded everything that has happened to you since you were in utero. It has recorded every nice thing your parents and siblings have said to you and about you, in your hearing range. It has recorded every unpleasant bullying and upset that happened to you in your entire education and your career.

All of these recorded experiences in your subconscious mind are filed permanently. They are broadly in three categories: the positive, the negative and the neutral (neither positive nor negative).

I call your subconscious mind your swamp, and just like every swamp on earth in nature, every ‘swamp’ in a human’s head is unique. Real swamps are full of water, mud, flowers, tadpoles, scorpions, rocks, and insects. Your ‘swamp’ is full of recorded experiences.

No one on planet earth has had the identical set of experiences that you have had! Imagine that: out of 7 billion people, no one has lived an identical life to you.

You then create your reality by interpreting what you see, hear, touch, taste and smell (your five senses) through your unique swamp. Based on your past experiences, you decide and categorise what is good, what is bad, what is interesting, what is boring. You decide what is traumatic, what is embarrassing, what is scary, what is joyful.

You are responsible for what you create! It is not your fault how your parents treated you, but you are responsible for the reality that you create. Isn’t that exciting? As Shakespeare said, ‘nothing is good or bad; only thinking makes it so!” That is what it means to take responsibility for your life: you are constantly creating it; so you are responsible.

Now, the problem is that your ‘swamp’ is exceedingly powerful. It is approximately one million times more powerful than your conscious mind. When you consciously tell yourself ‘don’t be frightened’, how successful are you? The answer probably is ‘not very’! Your swamp wants to protect you and it has learnt, since you were in utero, what is scary and what is loveable.

To change your response, you need to understand how your swamp works so you can reprogram it. I am totally opposed to drugging your swamp so it does not respond in painful ways. Such processes simply avoid the issues that cause you grief. Our wonderful Australia, the best country on the planet in my view, is teeming with people who are being drugged by doctors and psychiatrists to help them cope with depression and stress and worry. I observe that these drugs achieve very little, except increase the profits of global pharmaceutical companies.

Drugs will do very little for you. You need to do the work on reprogramming your swamp. You need to drain your swamp, so that the past experiences you had do not create your future in ways that you do not want.

Is it possible? I guarantee that it is.

Is it hard? I guarantee that it is.

Is it worthwhile? I guarantee that it is.

Charles Kovess, LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., CSP, MAICD, has authored ‘Passionate People Produce’ (published by Hay House), and ‘Passionate Performance’, and is the co-author of ‘The 7 Heavenly Virtues of Leadership’.

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