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Successfully overcoming stress

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The biggest disease we suffer from on this planet is our own negative self talk and constant chatter, often causing stress.

It goes over the immediate thoughts and emotions that do not please us, every day. This constant chatter interferes with our normal mind–body communication, and fuels our stress. This often shows up as anxiety, depression, fear, hate, anger, loneliness, insecurity and a feelings of separation from family, friends and society.

These negative thoughts and emotions are manifested and stored into our cellular and muscle memory, causing tension, pain and disease in our bodies.

The mind and body need to have a close communication, to maintain a healthy and true postural alignment. The human body was created to be in symmetry, to be in balance with itself, and in harmony with all the energy and forces around it.

When the body is in balance and harmony, our instincts and six senses are at their peak performance, which expands our body’s energy field, or aura, to resonate at its true individual frequency, like an antenna.

The power of free will

Our body’s true harmonic frequency connects to the universal flow of energy, using the power of free will. Through your intentions, you attract what you desire into your life.

My understanding is that ‘energy flows where attention goes’ so, where we place our attention is paramount to our well being and longevity.

Being in control of our thoughts and emotions, and insuring they are positive and optimistic ones is important. Make sure that your thoughts assist and complement you, as they’ll resonate through your entire body, bringing balance to your mind, body and spirit.

For every thought there is an emotion attached to it, so every emotion has a thought attached to it. Our self-chatter creates our mental demons, that challenge and question everything we do with complacency and doubt. So, who wins the good or bad thoughts and emotions you have? THE ONES YOU FEED THE MOST.

So watch out if your brain’s default response is a negative one. If you focus on what is not going right or making you unhappy in all areas of your life, guess what will ensue..?

Watch for your habits

Your brain processes information 24/7, collecting data from your self conscious ego, ancestral DNA files, your physical senses and your repetitional thoughts and emotions to form your habits, routines, and beliefs. These do not always support or assist you to determine your best actions every moment of your life. So, by being more aware of what you are thinking you change your thoughts and change your feelings.

To reach full mind body and spirit wellbeing, you need to self educate and improve your awareness and self care of your essential body mechanics, made up of your seven major joints; ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, elbows and wrists. With a variety of minor joints in your hands and feet. These areas are what alter our postural alignment, restricting our movement and affecting blood flow and motor neuron communication through our body.

The human body is an intricately complex flesh and blood living machine that has a brain that processes information from every dot of your body, sending and receiving information 24/7 to carry out a preventative maintenance programme for you to achieve your goals. It is your life vehicle. Your human body has a default setting to never harm you and protect you under any circumstances. It will find resources. From sending white cells to attack bad cells, to making any pharmaceutical drugs required to heal you. You can hurt or destroy your body, through your own self talk and negative thoughts and emotions. You can create stress, depression, anxiety, mentally and physically in every cell of your body.

Get in the driver’s seat

You are not to blame for the condition you are in mentally, physically and spiritually from birth. However you do need to take back control and responsibility of your own well being and physiology by reprogramming and fine tuning your existing mind-body communication to be more optimistic with positive thought and emotions.

The human being, our blue print, our DNA, our building blocks are all cells. Cells that evolved from an essence of life. Each cell has a memory. A cellular and spiritual memory that is connected by resonating frequencies that network all life together. As life vehicles we have five physical senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. However, we are not aware of our greatest legacy from our creator; our sixth sense. This is not a physical sense. They entail your instincts, intuitive, psychic, creative and self healing powers.

The life vehicle has become the soul that has cut the natural harmonic communication between inner spirit and our outer life essence. We have been conditioned in our life vehicles from ancestor to ancestor, generation to generation. A stress memory virus has jammed our natural harmonics. Therefore we need to realign our physical life vehicles’ antennas to resonate at the right frequency to be in balance with the essence of life within us. And also the life essence trying to connect with us.


We can use touch, and tap in to our essential body mechanics joints, as we consciously take the journey to map out our trapped tensions. We need to become more aware. Give more attention and focus to each particular joint. Each sends a harmonic frequency from our brain, through our nervous system. This, then, automatically sends fresh blood to the area, breaking down tense fibres, fascia, and increasing blood flow. This makes the muscle fibres more supple, and encourage self healing.

The human body was created to be ambidextrous, in harmonious balance with its self. The left and right sides of our body to be equal. Many of us use our right side too much. Try to be more aware of giving focus and attention to using your left hand and leg more often. This will help to balance your symmetry.

We are only now realising stress is the most damaging disease on the planet. It is the origin of all our health issues. And, thankfully, we have the ability to control it.

Through knowledge and teaching in a positive supportive environment, and creating a stronger belief system, we will become more aware and responsible for the use of our mind and its unlimited powers. Humans are the caretakers of life. Through our collective thoughts, and the collective world consciousness we can rejuvenate the power of one energy. MAY THE LIFE ESSENCE BE WITHIN YOU.

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