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Switch on, switch over, switch off – a key to building chi

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All the books I have been reading recently, ranging from Greg Braden’s Fractal Time, to the The Age of the Unthinkable by the economist and business expert, Joshua Cooper Ramo, are suggesting that we are entering a time of revolutionary change.

I found Cooper Ramo really interesting because he is writing outside the health and wellness genre but many of his ideas reinforce my belief that working with the chi cycle and the universal forces is the way of the future for our own health and the survival of the planet. Drawing upon history, economics, complexity theory, psychology, immunology, and the science of networks, Cooper Ramo proposes that stability is a passing phase. He describes a new landscape of inherent unpredictability– and remarkable, wonderful possibility. All of the clients I have been seeing lately are also sensing this unpredictability. The version of the world that they once held to be true seems to be disintegrating in front of them, but this is not seen as a positive thing. In fact it is contributing to an increase in anxiety, panic disorders, depression and a deep sense of insecurity.
I believe we need a revolutionary lifestyle change to enable us to feel secure enough to embrace the global shift as something positive, rather than wishing everything would go back to the way it was. The old way of living has come to an end and the future is going to be all about energy. Global warming is clearly showing us this. It is a crisis connected to energy. And the planet is in this state of crisis because we are looking in the wrong place for energy. We have been exploiting the inner resources of the earth, when we are surrounded by solar, wind, hydro and other natural energy sources which are clean, renewable and free. Personally we are doing the same by the way we live. We are using up our own inner non-renewable energy reserves (our pre-natal jing), when we too are surrounded by renewable and free sources of energy. If we work with these, everything will change for the better.
Many authors, including Eckhart Tolle, are identifying powerful new sources of energy now becoming available. I think these have always been there, but now it is the right time for us to work with them. In The Perfect Day Plan, my new book on the chi cycle, I outline how our organs connect us to the universal energy source and what to do every two hours in a 24 hour cycle, to make the most of it. As a therapist I use the chi cycle as a healing tool for clients and, the more committed the person is to following the cycle, the more quickly they improve physically and emotionally. But many people start focussing too much on the details and lose track of the big picture, and that is context. Chinese medicine is contextual. We need to live in the context of the massive universal forces that we sprang from. We have to eat in harmony with these forces, sleep in harmony with these forces, do yoga or exercise in harmony with these forces. Basically we do this by ‘switching on, switching over and switching off’ at the appropriate times. This allows us to ride the massive waves of universal energy rather than drawing on our own energy stores and creating unpleasant symptoms and emotions that we can’t control.
We need energy to live and we can either use the energy given to us at birth, our pre-natal jing, or use energy that we build each day, our post-natal jing. Following the chi cycle allows us to keep topping up our supply of post-natal jing and to build feelings of inner stability, self-confidence and the sense that our needs have been met. This is true security. However, if we live in a way where we are forced to draw on pre-natal jing, we become needy and reactive and feel powerless to change the situation. In this state the global shift appears negative and threatening – not exciting. Those global changes are going to happen regardless; so we need to adapt in order to flourish. Switching on, switching over and switching off is a starting point for this. Each morning if you switch on by doing tai-chi or yoga between 5am and 7am, it brings in energy from the universe and enables you to draw on post-natal jing to fuel your activities. If you get straight into work when you wake up, you immediately start drawing on your pre-natal jing. We want to avoid doing this because pre-natal jing can’t be topped up and once it runs out you die.
I treated a client recently with fatigue, depression, panic attacks, irritability, and insomnia. She couldn’t understand why she had those symptoms. She said she was doing ‘all the right things’. She had fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, ate a ‘healthy salad sandwich’ for lunch, and did yoga a couple of evenings a week. Everyone at work considered her a health freak, but she didn’t feel that way. Leaving the issue of her nutrient poor diet aside, as I cover it in my book, the first thing she did when she woke up was rush to her computer to sort out a few things before breakfast. When she ate her yoghurt she thought about work. Then, when she got to work, because she felt lethargic and unproductive, she couldn’t keep up with tasks and ate lunch at her desk. By the time she got home she was so tired she fell asleep on the couch. Then she got up and either tried to do some more work or went to a yoga class to get some energy. Her attempts to be healthy were being sabotaged because none of these activities was in synch with universal forces. She was not switching on, over, or off, at the right times or in the right way, so she was constantly using precious pre-natal jing. Her lifestyle was working against her. She was going it alone.

This is not the way things should be. The system is designed for us to be supported. Switching on in harmony with universal forces each morning is like filling your energy tank for the day so you don’t have to draw on your reserve tank or pre-natal jing. Instead you can work with your breath and body to access what you could consider as the huge fuel station in the sky. This is the universal chi store where there is no energy crisis, no lack of supply, no monopoly on stocks. However, it is only open until 7am. If there were a petrol station across town where you could get free petrol each day before seven, most people would eagerly get up early and drive there. We have the same opportunity to get free chi each day. This, as well as a hearty breakfast of course, is designed to enable you to drive through to 1pm, the time to switch over. This is the next opportunity to top up the tank with post-natal jing by eating nutritious food and by changing your outlook. At lunchtime the massive tide of universal energy is switching from yang to yin and we must flow with it. If we don’t, we are wasting energy and heading to the reserve tank. By 7pm it’s time to switch off, but most people can’t because they can’t stop the thoughts in their minds and then can’t sleep. So, the next morning they can’t get up in time to switch on, by lunch they are too far behind in their jobs to switch over, the pre-natal jing reserve tank slowly empties and the unpleasant symptoms, the anxiety, frustration, insecurity and fear increase. After a while medication seems to be the only solution. It’s not though. Because we can tap into the universal energy source and build post-natal jing, we have the power to change anything and to be anything. Jing is one of the Three Treasures of Chinese medicine given to us by the universe so that we can work in harmony with the natural forces. The Three Treasures, jing, chi and shen, or life force, energy and spirit, ensure we don’t have to go it alone. They are our support, and hold the key to a happy and healthy future. They can make us resilient and secure enough for a new world to be an amazing and exciting adventure.


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