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Teenage turnaround and holistic coaching

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Two years ago, my daughter was caught in a vortex of self-sabotaging behaviour; anorexia, cutting herself, drinking alcohol, smoking, and failing at school. Holistic coaching turned everything around.


Being a teenager or pre–teen can be a fun and interesting time of discovery and developing maturity. However many teens struggle during this major transitional phase from childhood to adulthood. They fear the changes that are happening on every level and they are enveloped in chaos and confusion. Often they get caught up in limiting self-beliefs, negative energy, and dysfunctional relationships. Wild mood swings and hormonal imbalances can create aggressive and unpredictable behaviour. Teens often make self-destructive choices and end up on the wrong path or in with a bad crowd. This can impact the success and happiness of their and their family’s future. Suddenly parents find themselves living with a ‘teenage monster’, and lack the tools to really help the situation. Traditional methods often include drug therapy, reform schools and counselling. These are often just bandaids rather than transformational solutions.

Holistic coaching considers the whole being and addresses the issues from a body, mind and spiritual perspective. Adolescence is a very vulnerable time and pre–teens and teens can attract negative energy. If not addressed, they can carry this negativity for the rest of their lives, severely influencing their overall well-being. When the negative energy is removed, the teen is empowered and able to navigate through the transition with positivity and self-love.

I first realised the effectiveness of holistic coaching for children and teens when I decided to use it to help my own daughter.Two years ago, my daughter was caught in a vortex of self-sabotaging behaviour; anorexia, cutting herself, drinking alcohol, smoking, and failing at school. Although it is not usual to work with family, living in the French countryside didn’t give me many other options.

We embarked on a program that included guided visualisation/hypnotherapy sessions, behaviour modification processes, and education. In session we removed the negativity that was seemingly controlling her sabotaging and aggressive behaviour. She slowly began to unfurl like a new flower in spring. Her heart opened and she was able to accept support. All her relationships were blossoming. Then she got in trouble with the police. It looked like all the work had been for nothing. However she responded completely differently from how she had before. She accepted the consequences calmly and willingly continued to work with me. This setback became the catalyst for an even greater level of transformation. It was at this point that she owned her own process and was not just participating to please me.

Today she is a happy, well-adjusted, incredible force of nature. Through hard work, determination, and self belief, she has earned herself a place in a top French Lycée. She now keeps a daily gratitude journal and is using ‘The Force’ like a Jedi warrior.

Undergoing transformation at this impressionable stage brings with it a lifetime of rewards. Holistic coaching can be equally beneficial for crisis or personal development situations. A program can be specifically designed for the teen/pre–teen and it is often beneficial that parents also participate.


Lynne Thorsen is a holistic coach, healer, teacher, and writer. She facilitates individuals of all ages, to transform their limiting birth/life experiences to realise their full potential.

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