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The Dark Lord

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Marie has come to see me because she is ready to solve the mystery of the constantly repeating injuries to her arms. She rolls up her sleeves to reveal a blotchy pattern of multiple scars, old and new, that cover her flesh – a roadmap map of past pain.


I hear my apprentice Jo’s sharp, wincing intake of breath; she has been through periods of self harm in her youth but she has seen nothing like this.

“How did this happen?”, I ask, covering Jo’s lack of tact.

“Since I was little things are always happening to my arms; burns, cuts, scalds, bruises, one thing after another. They no sooner heal than something else happens. Look at this.” She indicates a purple welt on her elbow.

“Beauty!”, Jo breathes involuntarily.

“Also, I live in a constant state of fear, it has been with me for as long as I can remember and it is particularly intense now. My doctor feels this stress may be contributing to my heart condition.”

I catch Jo’s eye to be sure she recognises a classic case of major past life trauma manifesting in the physical body. From a shamanic perspective this kind of repeated injury, happening to the same part of the body over a period of time, is a clear indication of trauma begging to be released. Her body is saying, ‘Here, here – look here! This is where I am holding it.’

The three of us make our way up to my session room and lay in the crystal mandala. I close the door and windows having briefed my assistant downstairs to ease up the volume of the ambient music in my crystal shop, as the session progresses. I expect this could be noisy and we have had enough complaints from neighbouring businesses.

As soon as we close our eyes we are back at the source of the trauma. There is no time for any kind of triggering affirmation, Marie’s body is so ready to release its cellular memory that it takes us all straight there. Her sobs start to build as she unlocks the secrets her body has been carrying since birth.

Holy shit, Jo telepaths.

Stay calm and allow. Let this play out. It is her journey.

We are in a ghetto. This place once had a semblance of order that was held together purely by willpower. Today it is chaotic; the air pulses with the sounds and smells of violence and fear. Around us people are being forced from their homes and treated brutally by armed men in dark grey-green uniforms.

Hugo Boss I catch myself pondering as I unconsciously appraise the style of the officers who stand chatting, willfully ignoring the brutality that is happening under their command.

Jo and I are witnesses to something terrible and it is hard not to feel for the innocent men, women and children being brutalised around us.

Stay detached, I telepath to Jo as I notice her eyes blaze with anger.

We are close to our client Marie who, in this time-space, is a pretty, feisty young Jewess taking issue with the soldiers’ harsh treatment of her grandmother.

“Sie ficken!”, the senior non-commissioned brute shouts. His underlings happily obey by dragging her into an alley, beating and defiling her.

Jo is enraged; I caution her. You can’t get involved – they can’t see you anyway.

This is bad but it is just the beginning. We have not yet found the emotional trauma Marie is holding in her arms.

“Ein exempel statuieren!”, the sergeant commands smiling.

Marie’s past life feistiness has totally evaporated. I know her cries of terror are now filling my healing space and possibly the shop below.

We, like her kin, watch helpless as the soldiers wrap her arms and shoulders with barbed wire, hitch her to the back of a dusty VW kubelwagen and drag her around the square laughing and shouting insults, until she is lifeless.

We catch her as she leaves her body, totally traumatised. This brief, brutal act will affect every lifetime from this moment onwards until it is released. Fortunately we have the opportunity now to free her from it. So it is worth re-experiencing it.

My arms, she telepaths. They killed me!

Jo comforts her; the first time I have seen my cool, streetwise, uber-punk apprentice in tears.

Are you ready to release the trauma?, I ask.

Marie nods.

You must call on all those responsible and forgive them.

Even though the trauma is fresh she grasps the logic of my suggestion as we help her address her torturers in no time-space.

I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you. In forgiving you I release us all from this trauma. We are no longer bound by it. Go in peace, be at peace, you are completely forgiven.

Those responsible are filled with remorse, humbled and grateful to be released from an interaction which also continues to affect them.

It looks like we are about finished. Marie is calm and Jo is looking brighter.

I prepare to return us to our present when I notice something unusual. Jo has noticed it too.

A figure is approaching us, one that Marie has not called on. I sense who may be joining us and quickly I telepath to Jo and Marie.

Do not say or telepath anything, under any circumstances, for the next few minutes. Be mindful of your thoughts. Understood?

Grasping from my tone that I am serious they both nod, perplexed.

The gentleman nearing us is very smartly dressed in 21st Century clothes. He has an air of total confidence and congeniality, with an indefinable edge.

Honoured to have you visit. How can I help? I take the initiative.

This ageless, suave and handsome gent smiles; his eyes twinkle.

Your friends are quiet. He nods towards Marie and Jo, who has turned quite white.

A little shy, I respond. What can I do for you?

Lots!, he laughs. Do you like my suit? It’s your favourite designer. You were admiring his work earlier. It’s yours if you like it.

No thanks. I’m not really a suit kind of guy – more T-shirt and shorts.

Anything else you would like? Money? Fame? Women? Cars? Property? Power?… Anything you wish for can be yours, for a little exchange. Just sign here. He unrolls a parchment scroll and offers me a pen.

I’m honoured that you take an interest in my well-being but I have all I need, thank you.

And your friends?

I interrupt Jo who is about to speak, Just fine thanks, all their needs are met.

You know, I could use a man like you. You don’t scare easily do you?

I smile and say nothing, choosing not to give him an opening. When fear has no purchase, charm is the next line of attack.

You know you should not meddle in other people’s affairs. His tone changes.

I never meddle. I help when I am asked to do so. Otherwise I mind my own business.

Mmm, I am sure you do. I have my eye on you. We will meet again I am sure.

It is always an honour.

He smiles at the three of us and wanders off into nothingness.

We return to this time-space and debrief a shell-shocked Marie, who I expect will have no more challenges with her arms, heart or her fear.

After escorting Marie out, Jo returns to the session room, happy to have assisted.

“Why did you stop me speaking? Was that guy who I think it was?”

“Let’s just say he was an aspect of that consciousness.”

“Man that guy was slick.” She shakes her head.

“You don’t know the half of it” I smile.

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