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The end of the world … again

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2012 is finally here, and for those of us who lived through the Y2K furore it brings with it a sense of déja vu. Once again, our lives are filled with doomsayers, catastrophic prediction and, of course, the end of the world. According to urban myth, the Mayan calendar regards December 2012 as a turbulent portal into a new world order, and over the past few years this concept has evolved through media and pop culture into a rich tapestry of fear, superstition and prophecy.


What are the facts behind this captivating date? Maya expert, Mark Van Stone, agrees that the Mayan Long Count date of has special significance and concedes that Maya scholars have known for decades that this probably corresponds with 21 (or 23) December 2012. However, sadly for scare-mongers and Hollywood producers, there is a complete lack of doomsday or ascension prophecies surrounding this date in Mayan culture. In fact, some Maya inscriptions speak of anniversaries and special occasions to be marked well beyond

What? Not the end of the world?

No. But 2012 does appear to be heralding a shift in human awareness that is being backed up by science, and that can literally change the world as we know it. There are three factors at play:

First, in recent years, interest in psychic and spiritual phenomena has increased dramatically. Studies show that over 55% of the population in the UK, USA and New Zealand strongly believe in psychic ability. (In New Zealand, more people believe in psychic ability than believe in a religious god.)

Secondly, over the last 20 years an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence has been collected in favour of psychic abilities. The proof is now so compelling that corporate entities such as Sony and Bell Laboratories are beginning to research the possibility of ‘mind-controlled’ electronics.

Finally, recent developments in quantum physics are completely undermining our current understanding of the ‘laws of nature’, and theories that have been around since Isaac Newton are undergoing phenomenal deconstruction. What was deemed impossible is now considered by many to be completely feasible. What this means is that modern society is undergoing a radical shift in thinking. The psychic and spiritual phenomena of yesteryear – mystical, aloof and implausible – is now becoming very real for many people, and we are starting to understand the impact our thoughts and actions have on ourselves, others and the world around us.

Therefore, 2012 does not bring complete death and destruction, but an unprecedented evolution in human understanding; an opportunity to understand our psychic and spiritual power, and our energetic connection with everything around us. This year, we are being encouraged to change the way we interact with our spiritual selves, with the people around us and to take responsibility for our beautiful planet.

2012 is the year to discover the truth about ourselves – both psychic and spiritual – and to finally understand that the end of the world will only come if we create it.

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Kim Forrester

Kim Forrester is a spiritual commentator with over 10 years' experience as a professional psychic medium. She combines her passion for media and public speaking with her desire to modernise new age spirituality – creating no-nonsense videos, articles and seminars about psychic and spiritual phenomena. Her goal is to help people understand that modern new age does not come dressed in tie-dye kaftans and moccasins – it wears corporate suits, kick-ass heels and has a Ph.D. in quantum physics.

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