The hidden power of architecture

The hidden power of architecture

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It is undeniable that our surroundings affect us energetically. They can cause us to feel cheerful or melancholy, free or constrained, connected or disconnected, clear or confused.

Architecture: it creates the space that surrounds us. It is the cocoon that shelters us. And it inevitably helps to shape our lives. There are spaces that house, and there are spaces that heal. Architecture can be an agent for profound change on more than just a physical level.

Civilisations of antiquity used architectural energetic instruments to perform certain specific spiritual practices, amplify spiritual powers, or clear energetic distortions to heal the physical body.

The former being physical in nature, functioning to provide shelter from the elements, the latter, induces a positive and balanced energetic interaction between the inhabitant and the built form.

The building blocks of harmony


‘Number’ is one of the energetic building blocks of our living, dynamic and multi-dimensional universe. We can break everything around us down into numbers. Thus, if in balance number will create harmony, perfection, and beauty. It brings etheric energy, thoughts, or ideas into physical manifestation through geometry, as geometry organises number to create perfect patterns, areas and volumes.

These geometric elements combine to form the architecture that we physically see and can energetically feel. They are a composition of various seen and unseen physical and energetic elements. If combined in the correct proportions, these elements can create spaces of any desired energetic influence. The Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, in fact most significant ancient structures incorporate strong inherent number. These are represented through geometry, then made physically manifest with carefully selected energetically conducive materials.

Material selection

Selecting materials that are symbiotic to the architectural instruments’ purpose is vital to produce the desired energetic effects. The human body radiates its own electromagnetic field. In fact, many cultures believe that physical disease is first caused by an energetic imbalance within the body. All building materials affect the body in their own unique way. Combinations of materials should compliment or collectively enhance each others qualities. Some conduct while others insulate electricity, some are magnetic, some reflect colour, some hold heat, some were once living while others were not. Therefore, each material within a building has its own unique effect on the human body, as they manipulate and direct various forms of energy.

Colour and sound

Colour and sound are intrinsically linked. Both in their nature and the strong effects they have on a person’s heath and wellbeing. Pythagorus and other ancient philosophers collated many of the connective relationships between colour, sound, the planets, and the material universe.

For architecture to have positive interactions with these elements, it needs to be correctly tuned, much the same way that a singing bowl is. The structure emits vibrations. These vibrations can be further enhanced using instruments or voice to positively affect the human bodies’ energetic systems.

Architecturally sound spaces

One architectural example is the step pyramid and healing temples of Saqqara in Egypt, where stone was sculpted and tuned within the interior and on the exterior of the ancient structures within the complex. Niches and cones were masterfully carved in the correct proportions in order to emit the desired healing frequency.

Other more pragmatic examples of the use of sound within a building can be observed within  Gol Gumbaz in India. It contains the whispering gallery, one of the largest internal void spaces in the world. It is so perfectly proportioned, the faintest sound from one side can be heard clearly on the opposite side.

The Golconda, also in India, used harmonised geometric shapes on its ceilings, and perfectly proportioned spatial voids in its watchtowers to transmit sound over large distances. This allowed its inhabitants to communicate messages from one side of the city to the other. These structures, through the careful consideration and incorporation of natural elements and energetic effects, create spaces that enhance energy to the benefit of their occupants.

An extraordinary opportunity

When we construct physical space we have an extraordinary opportunity. An opportunity that if skilfully executed can result in the enhancement of our spiritual and energetic growth. As our lives become increasingly busy, and our disconnection with our natural environment more great, maybe we should re-consider how we approach and design our built environments.

Instead of Architecture being used predominately for shelter, disconnecting us from our surroundings, it can be a great deal more. Architecture can be designed to be an energetic instrument, a conductor, amplifier and generator of energy that can help to heal the body, mind and soul.

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Matthew Noffke

Matthew Noffke has a masters in architecture with his practice Architects of the Sacred located in Noosa, Queensland. He is also a registered Transference Healing® practitioner and believes that light, colour, sound and geometry can be used to create places and spaces that have positive and profound energetic impacts on our healing and enlightenment journey.

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