The ping-pong match between heart and head

The ping-pong match between heart and head

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The ability to love and receive love is given to every human being. It is something quite wonderful regardless of an overall mind/brain focus in education.


Love and relationship can be hugely challenging. When being in love or staying in love is such a dearly held goal, so close to our essence, why then, after a few months or few years of being in love, or so deeply in love, does love fade to a small glimmer of what it once was?

With much cultural focus on mind/brain learning, development or patterns of use, the heart often has a seat only in the distant back. Relationship is about love. Love is about the heart. The more clear heart love there is, the less room there is for other issues to creep into relationships and make them a challenge; for example, irritation, anger, jealousy, other burdening emotions, or over-thinking.

A doubt-fed heart-mind ping-pong game begins

Love fades when a heart-centred and mind/brain-centred life and being is not in balance. The risks of this are great; greater than most of us are fully aware. These include short relationships, marriage breakdowns, split families, hope that the next relationship will bring purer love. Or regrets over past loved ones. Lost lovers now being missed, still connected to and, feelings that the end was perhaps premature.

Imagine for a few moments a world where love and the more direct love-related qualities are the only qualities that exist. There would be kindness, friendliness, courtesy, giving, forgiving, understanding. There would be helpfulness, care, gentle attention, open listening, freedom from excessive judgement or criticism. And other sweet, enjoyable, connecting and freeing qualities.

What the heart can connect with and expand into, in relation to love, will at some point of your heart journey no longer be describable in words.

People who have had a near death experience have often shared that the amount of love felt, received and given is what counts during and towards the end of life.

To live a love-filled life

At any point in life, in any life situation, at any age, with or without a romantic or love partner, the spiritual meaning of love – to live a love-filled life – is possible.

Smile as freely to your heart as you would to someone you dearly love or have loved with no conditions; just pure love and joy. It is when smiling to your own heart becomes natural that your heart’s potential is activated and present. From there, you will gradually yet steadily unfold in ever-strengthening, overwhelmingly special and true love feelings.

When the heart is really engaged, not in thought but in feeling, then no matter where you are on the love continuum, what past events, burdens or closeness exist, living in the heart begins, supporting a sharp mind and enveloping all you are. Feelings of deepest, everlasting love – once felt, or perhaps given-up-on – can find a toehold again.

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