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The real rich – cultivating natural abundance

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With so much focus on the global financial ‘c’ word, perhaps its time to take a step back and change it to a ‘b’ word – a blessing – born to steer us back to what it really means to be rich. In truth, measuring our personal richness financially is an historically recent development and, while our modern conscious minds tell us that numbers on a bank statement should affirm our feeling of security and abundance, one part of our consciousness software continues to assess abundance using criteria bred into us through successions of ancestral survival experiences. Our limbic brain, that primitive grey matter so deeply wed to the subconscious and feeling level – bless its antiquated soul – is perpetually cuing us to what it means, in its language, to be rich.

So what does alert the feeling brain to the presence of abundance? Certainly, the sight and handling of ‘cold, hard’ cash, due to its sheer modern empowerment, may incite a flurry of reactionary feelings throughout the nervous system, but the flurry is simply that – a whipping up of the surface of a much deeper body of awareness. For a deeper and lasting sense of abundance we must appease that which is wired to recognise it through specific sensory cues that are so basic they are often overlooked. These cues include the sight of ripe, vitamin-rich fruits hanging from trees, mineral-rich vegetables swelling on vines under the warmth of the sun and rich, black soils teeming with life onto which the seeds of last year’s crop are falling swollen, golden and ripe.

This same basic sensory programming, amidst the roar of modern progress and our reciprocally churning thought processes, privately seeks out and registers as sufficient, the subtle sounds of the wind and insects carrying the pollens to create new life. It hones in on the intrepid gurgling of naturally flowing, and thus, self-purifying water and is refreshed. It interprets degrees of activity and diversity within the buzzing of nature around it in the context of a reliable survival support matrix – complete with plans ‘b’ and ‘c’ (insurance!) should they ever be needed. On even deeper sensory levels, this software seeks out, recognises and prioritises something our modern conscious minds are completely blinded to – that elusive inner glow of vitality given off by all things found to be in a state of health, harmony and coherence – life-force.

The poor old limbic brain, try as it might, just can’t seem to find the same criteria for a rich, secure, abundant existence in the sight or whiff of a plastic card with numbers on it. Equally, it looks upon an impressive row of kitchen cupboards sporting modern, shiny latches and simply sighs. Even when those cupboards are opened to reveal a substantial cache of brightly worded packets and tins, in the absence of life-force, the primitive brain sends a message of disappointment to the digestive juices – “Extract all you can – pickings will be slim!”

Knowing that what you feel magnetises more of that into your life and literally creates your reality, doesn’t it then make simple sense to short circuit the feedback loop and constant bombardment of the financial ‘c’ word messages by giving your immediate surrounding subconscious cues a ‘natural abundance’ makeover?

While an overflowing kitchen garden provides an obvious limbic smorgasbord, with minimal space, time and money, a strategically placed planter box of vegetables incorporating a diversity of colours, species and stages of growth beside the front door will give a powerful abundance message to the old brain every time you pass. Real foods in your kitchen instead of those packets and tins communicate life-force, and, placing them in sight, instead of behind cupboard doors, repeatedly reinforces these visual and vibrational abundance cues. Of course, a medium bowl of fruit overflowing trumps a large one half full. Seeds stored for the next season’s crop also convey a powerful message to the subconscious that your current abundance is ongoing and assured season to season. It doesn’t mean you actually have to plant them, simply displaying your jars of legumes and grains on a kitchen shelf will work.

On an even deeper level, non-food pot plants inside the house will alert the sub-conscious to the presence of life-giving, oxygenated air whether you retain conscious awareness of this as your primary need or not. Deeper still, a shaft of sunlight allowed through a window similarly communicates a substantiated vital requirement which, to our current conscious awareness, has become almost entirely esoteric. Rainwater seen running into a tank and the sun seen shining on solar panels can further add to the diversity of tangible clues available to the primitive brain for its security assessment purposes.

With your physical nourishment abundance cues revamped, then have a go at applying the same principles to the next priority area of shelter and physical comfort. The materials with which we cover and surround ourselves speak volumes sub-consciously – natural materials and fibres trumping synthetics. Try to include rich, tribal designs in your decor – interestingly these are now coming back into vogue. These are especially enriching – due not only to their richness through a diversity of colour and texture, but to the sacred geometries they often contain. These creative codes of life were lifted and reproduced by observant ancestors from the resilient and supportive harmonics of the natural world for their power to provide subconscious environmental affirmations of a greater surrounding order and harmony.

Using scents in your home will provide an even more powerful, stimulus to the limbic brain by way of its primary (olfactory) pathway. Choose only pure, natural fragrances – particularly on your body – as these contain the full harmonic molecular intelligence of the organisms from which they are borrowed, which, apart from supplying immediate supportive influences to your chemically responsive moods, are reported to be recorded and stored as successful chemical references for your own organism’s biochemical evolution! Synthetic concoctions, on the other hand, will not only confuse your chemical intelligence through their inherent disharmony but communicate that the environment which is supposed to be supporting you in your evolution is of a lesser intelligence (more chaotic!) than you – a most impoverishing thought!

The richer you begin to feel in these first two priority areas, the more your satisfaction will incline you to apply these methods in the areas of spiritual and social fulfillment. Your growing sense of empowerment and independence from the old, disintegrating criteria will bring new freedom and creativity to these personal pursuits. Linking in with the new energy exchange barter systems that are replacing the financial system will provide, once again, powerful tangible indicators of an abundance of support through the hands, faces and hearts of ‘friends doing favours for friends’.

Devising different ways to feel rich while the failed system crumbles around us not only empowers us to releases our victimhood, it presents a wonderful, creative opportunity. Along the way we will inevitably discover that feeling rich is being rich and that our creativity, rather than the ownership of our creations, is the very marker of our personal and collective abundance on this bountiful planet. It’s all very simple – simple, natural abundance!

Jennifer Hewison is a freelance writer, artist and organic gardener from Queensland. As an artist, she specialises in intuitive personal ‘Soul Guidance’ mandalas.

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