The Talk by Mish Grigor

Is it time to have “the talk”?

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The Talk by Mish Grigor, is showing now, as part of Darebin Arts. See it until 14 July, in Melbourne!

Have YOU had ‘the talk’ with your family members? You know, the often-awkward talk about sex and associated topics? It’s funny that it can, for so many of us, somehow feel so very awkward with the people who we’ve grown up with! But maybe that’s part of the issue… ?

Mish Grigor is an “Intimate Spectacle” artist. Her work engages with issues of gender, identity and politics, and problematises the ideas and machinations of spectacle.

Her interactive performance piece, The Talk, covers some of that awkwardness wonderfully, helping us laugh at the humanness of this familiar-yet-often-uncomfortable situation.

As audience members we get to see – and even be part of – what happens when Mish starts talking about sex with her family. And the result is often hilarious, while also insightful and at some points thoughtful and moving.

Taboo, yet tender

In Mish Grigor’s latest participatory theatre work, the taboos of sex, relationships and family dynamics are laid bare. It is explicit and unapologetic, yet also tender and personal in its investigation into uncharted territory. Based on real conversations with Grigor’s own family, The Talk is an awkwardly intimate and hilarious conversation with the artist about sex, sexuality and love. Bring your mum.

It is funny, toe-curlingly frank, and immensely insightful” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian (UK)

Writer and performer: Mish Grigor

Collaborating artists: Anne Thompson and Jess Olivieri

This production is produced by: Natasha Phillips

VENUE: Studio 1, Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre 189 High St, Northcote VIC 3070

DATES: 4 July – 14 July, 2018

TIMES: Wed – Sat 8pm, Sunday 6pm

RUNTIME: 70 minutes, no interval

Mish Grigor in The Talk

Mish Grigor in ‘The Talk’.

Mish has an active solo practice

‘The Talk’ has toured extensively after its premiere for Field Theory’s ‘Site Is Set’ season. It has sold out through the UK, touring to Forest Fringe (Edinburgh), Buzzcut (Glasgow), The Marlborough (Brighton) and Battersea Arts Centre (London). In Australia it was presented by Performance Space for Liveworks 2017, and will soon travel to Darwin Festival. Mish was awarded an Australia Council Experimental Arts Residency to travel to EMPAC in New York from November 2017 – February 2018.


A ‘Relaxed Performance’ show is also being offered, as part of this season in Melbourne. A relaxed performance is, philosophically, one that acknowledges it is asking it’s audience to make an emotional commitment to a piece of art, and that that commitment is going to require different things from different audience members. It works to meet that audience halfway, giving reasonable permission for people to be comfortable as themselves, and relaxing the rules of theatre to allow this.

What does this mean for you, as an audience member?

Practically, the performance on the night will have its tech augmented. This will make the theatre space more relaxed for those who have sensory requirements and comfort behaviours, including pacing, rocking, humming, and other noise making. The lighting and sounds will be altered to become softer, while still eliciting the same emotional response from an audience. The house lights will remain on throughout the show, so there is never any moment of complete darkness. The door to the front of house area will remain open, so that people may come and go at any time. Should an audience member need to leave for a little bit, a space connected to the performance area has been designated ‘the relaxed room’. Darebin or A_tistic staff will be on hand to take you there and monitor the room.

This performance has a few dimensions of audience interactions. The performer, Mish Grigor, will have audience members read out scripts as part of the show. She will be selecting these people during the show. If you do not wish to speak, simply decline if Mish asks you. You will not be made to speak against your will.

This show relies of awkward and cringe inducing experiences. If at any time these stories become too much to listen to, you are welcome to use the relaxed space. You can cool off and return at your leisure.

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