The very best thing you can do for the planet

The very best thing you can do for the planet

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You may never have heard of me. Maybe you never will again. But hear me when I tell you – I am changing the world. And you can too!

How many of us give up on trying to make the world a better place because, well, it’s just little old us? Often, we don’t have enough money to go out and create a huge campaign or start a foundation. Perhaps we don’t consider ourselves very good writers or have no idea how social media works, so we believe it’s impossible to get our message out there. Or maybe it’s that we don’t know exactly what we want to say. Who would care anyway? Well, I’m here to tell you that all of that is BS.

The free way to make a difference

You don’t have to be the prime minister of a country, the CEO of a company, or be super rich to create significant positive change in the world. We all have the ability to have a large influence on the people and places around us. It doesn’t cost money, we don’t have to become something we are not, and we don’t have to force anything.

The very best thing you can do for the planet is to make yourself fulfilled. Perhaps this concept is not new to you, or perhaps you consider it an easy task. Nevertheless, making yourself fulfilled requires some serious groundwork and dedication. It should be a lifetime choice, not a passing phase.

To fulfil yourself, you first have to determine who you really are. You need to disseminate what is actually the core ‘you’ and what is simply a product of your social influences and institutionalisation. Only then can you know what will actually fulfil you.

Next, you need to release the things that no longer serve you, such as emotional baggage and fears. That is when you become the stripped back, real, raw ‘you’, and that’s when you are in a position to feed whatever it is that the core you desires (and nothing else).

Real fulfilment

Real fulfilment means you are meeting the needs of each aspect of your being. That includes your survival needs (i.e. food, finance, shelter etc.), creativity and relationship needs, self-esteem and personality needs, the need for love for yourself and others, communication needs, and intuition and spirituality needs. No one else can tell you what it is that will actually fulfil these aspects of you. You need to take the time to work that out for yourself.

Sure, making yourself fulfilled has obvious benefits – you become happier, you have more energy, you actually enjoy life, you feel empowered, and you have hope for the future. But fulfilling yourself also has a significant positive impact on the external world.

The process of fulfilment expands the consciousness. As such, fulfilled people are able to identify the impacts they, and everyone else, are having on the planet. They see how much waste is being generated and all the pollution smothering the air, land, and sea. They see how much habitat destruction is being caused by the human race. Their higher state of consciousness also guarantees these people care.

The good news is that fulfilled people are able to see solutions to such issues too. They look at problems from a higher perspective and therefore have a wider net from which to source answers. You can be sure that any solutions they do propose will be ones with no knock-on problems for others as well. The impacts of their propositions on all living creatures would be well considered.

Lifting the vibration of the entire planet

On an energetic level, fulfilled people walk more softly on the planet than those who are unsatisfied with their lives. Their increased vibration literally reduces the amount of dense energy weighing down on the earth. One fulfilled person lifts the vibration of the entire planet (even if only by a smidgen).

Similarly, contented individuals lift the people, animals, and spaces around them. Everybody is aware of how one happy, smiling person can change the mood of a whole group of people. What is often underestimated is how much further their influence extends. Everything in their vicinity is lifted.

The benefits of being true to yourself and following your path stem far and wide. You may think it is just little old you, but in actual fact, you have the ability to have a major positive impact on the world. The sway of one happy person should never be underestimated.

So even if you don’t think you are worthy of being happy and fulfilled (which of course you are), see it as your duty for the planet. You have more of an impact on this world than you realise.

This article was based on the book ‘The Power of You: How to positively influence people, places and the world’ published by Global Publishing Group, 2015.

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