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Three steps to remove limitations & become a tall poppy

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Just imagine what it would be like to claim that you are a tall poppy that is meant to shine, and, as you do, you invite everyone else to be a tall poppy too!


“Give me the microphone! I have something to share!”, I screamed in my head as I felt a raging fire of energy urging me to leap out of my chair and jump onto the stage.

I could barely sit still and hold it in.

“If I had 15 minutes with these people I could shift their entire consciousness, and the world! Give me the mic!”

I glanced over at the security guards and imagined making a mad dash onto the stage, up the stairs, tackling Jack Canfield, grabbing the mic and sharing my gifts with the ten thousand people gathered in the theatre.

The week before I had received an invitation in the mail with this question on the front, “Will you answer the call to create a global change on this planet?” When I read those words my heart exclaimed, “Yes! Yes! I will! I want to be a part of changing the world! I’ve got to be there!”

So here I was, sitting in the front row just waiting to be asked to contribute my energy and create a global shift in consciousness, and yet no one was asking for my help.

Even worse, no one was leading us into the major transformations that I knew were possible!

As I sat there with my heart leaping out of my chest exclaiming, “Wait, I have something to share!”, I felt like a volcano that was erupting and going to destroy everything in its path.

I was shaking with fear, tears were rolling down my face, a deep power was emerging as I was being called to my destiny… to shine. To not hold myself back any longer. To deliver what I know that no one else knows. In a way that no one else can.

Speaker after speaker approached the stage and talked and talked about what’s going on in the world and what needs to change. The fire inside of me raged hotter and wilder with each moment.

And as each speaker came and went, no one engaged the audience to actually begin creating these global shifts. My heart cried out, “I’m done talking about this change. Let’s start changing it now, while we are here together!” But, nobody knew how to guide the energy.

Then I realised no one could deliver the shift that I was there to deliver. That was something only I could do.

As the last words were spoken and the event came to a close, I turned around in my seat to see thousands of discouraged people thinking, “We came here to change the world and all we did was talk about it. No one asked us to bring in what is possible.”

I could feel their angelic hearts filled with talents and abilities – the kind that awaken heaven on earth – being hidden away again because no one empowered them to stand up and shine. 

It was then that I had one of my biggest realisations of my entire life.

I knew that, if I had gotten out of my own way and allowed myself to share my gifts with the world, everyone in the audience would have felt differently. They would not be leaving discouraged; not at all. They would be leaving empowered and connected.

They would have felt a greater sense of who they are, that they matter, that they CAN create global change in the world.

But, because I was too scared to be seen as who I truly am, I was selfish enough to hold myself back. Frozen in fear and afraid of being judged, I did nothing.

I was afraid of not doing it right, or having stage fright and not being able to speak. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself. It felt easier to cut myself down, stay quiet, and make myself small.

As the room emptied out, the deep realisation that was coming straight from my soul washed over me. I thought, “I have allowed all of these people to suffer because I didn’t share the gift that I came here to bring. I will never hold back again!”

I am a tall poppy

A tall orange poppy with the sun behind itIn that moment I made the commitment to stand, to shine, and to show up as the tall poppy that I am. Whatever “I” was going through – the fear, the terror, and the shame that was keeping me from stepping into my greatness – no longer mattered… and in that moment I took away my right to hold myself back

Once I stopped holding myself back, my life transformed in the most miraculous way. Every aspect – success, relationships and happiness improved.

What would your life look like if you no longer held yourself back; you stopped cutting yourself down to fit in; you stopped making yourself small?

Just imagine what it would be like to claim that you are a tall poppy that is meant to shine, and as you do, you invite everyone else to be a tall poppy too!

You are destined for greatness!

You are meant to shine!

You are meant to lead the world to greater possibilities!

You have a message to share with the world and it is an integral part of returning humanity to love.

When fitting into what is acceptable is more important to you than being your true self, it limits every area of your life.

Under those circumstances can you have more money than most people? No.

Can you have more fun than most people? No.

Can you have more wealth than most people? No.

Can you shine in your magnificence? No.

Can you have your life be a dream come true that is better than most? No.

You have to fit yourself into society’s norm!

When I was sitting in the audience terrified of showing up as the greatness of me I was limiting every part of my life.  At this point I was $80,000 in debt. I wanted to be a transformational leader but was too scared to be the tall poppy I truly am and shine as brightly as I do.

I wanted people to like me. I was afraid of being judged. I didn’t want to make other people uncomfortable. So I was making myself small in every area of my life!

This moment was the turning point in my life.

My life is now a dream come true. I wake up happy and fulfilled every day. Because I am willing to shine and embrace who I truly am, I run a seven-figure business that gives me freedom and supports all my dreams and desires. I have deep and meaningful relationships and get to create what I love each and every day.

How did I do it? There are three secret keys that I used to change everything. Here are the three steps to never holding yourself back again:

#1:  MAKE THE COMMITMENT that you will never let anything hold you back again.

In order to make the commitment, practise this easy meditative process:

First, get yourself grounded and present. Place your feet flat on the floor. Imagine that your feet are energetically reaching into the centre of the earth.

Then take three deep breaths. Breathe that energy from the centre of the earth up through your feet and out the crown of your head.

Now take one more deep breath and get fully present in this moment.

Once you are fully present in this moment say three times, “I now commit to living fully as me in every moment. I am limitless and expansive in all areas of my life!”  Be sure that you are fully committing with every part of you.

Practise this over and over throughout the day when you feel fear arise.


When any possibility comes up in life that will expand your life, automatically say YES without thinking about it. For example, let’s say that you want to be a coach. If someone says to you, “You know I have this business group that you could talk to…”, automatically say YES without thinking about it – even if it terrifies you.

You are never going to be ready for expansion. That is the nature of expansion! Don’t wait until you’re ready because you will be waiting forever. You have to say YES in order to create the expansion you want.

#3:  EMBRACE AND INTENSIFY THE FEAR  As you are choosing to shine and are feeling overwhelmed by fear, embrace and intensify it.

When you are feeling fear, embrace it as if it were your lover.

Think to yourself, “Take me fear. Have your way with me.” Open yourself and your body to receiving. Give yourself to this energy.

If the fear persists then intensify it. Think to yourself, “Bring it on fear. Is this all you’ve got? In order to stop me you’re going to have to be 10,000 more intense!”

You will find as you do this the fear will have no power over you.

If you practise these three keys, you will find yourself stepping out of limitations and into infinite possibilities and pure empowerment. Boundaries keep us small – but expansion is magical and it all starts with a very simple word – yes!

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Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka Zimmerman is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness and the Life Transformed Coaching program, acclaimed international speaker, author, singer and songwriter. Propelled by her unbounded love for humanity, she travels the world facilitating joy, peace, possibility and oneness in all that she does. http://www.rikkazimmerman.com/




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