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Three tips for electromagnetic health

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With technology proliferating around us and in our homes how do we support our sensitive electromagnetic system to maintain optimal health?


1.  A holistic approach

There is no ‘magic pill’ that makes electromagnetic radiation go away. To experience thriving health in the midst of microwave towers, wi-fi and ubiquitous devices a holistic approach is required.

An Ayurvedic physician from the Raj Vaidya lineage was baffled by the disturbed laya (rhythm) in the pulse of his patients in London. He asked his practitioner father in India who suggested ‘follow the same protocol … used on people who had been struck by lightning.’1From an Ayurvedic perspective the symptoms of those in monsoonal India (where they call it Poison of Indra’s Thunderbolt), including insomnia, anxiety and depression, have the same root as over-exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

We need to consider the interaction of multiple environmental triggers. Professor Colin Pritchard of Bournemouth University says there is an alarming hidden epidemic of neurological diseases ‘influenced by environmental and societal changes’.2 Are there household chemicals you can eliminate? Have you reduced your exposure to wet season mould? Could a heavy metal detox and candida cleanse reduce interacting triggers?

The thymus exercise

Due to the superficial location of the thyroid and parathyroid these endocrine glands are susceptible to electromagnetic radiation penetration. Thyroid stimulating hormones produced by the pituitary gland increase with mobile phone use and there are possible deleterious effects of microwaves on hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis which affects the levels of these hormones.3

The thymus is inside the breastbone higher up than the sternum. Twice daily for one minute wrap the fingertips around the thumb tip as if creating a bird beak with each hand and pour energy from the fingertips into the thymus. Follow your intuition to be guided to work on other glands including the thyroid and parathyroid in the lower neck throat region.

2.  Create a zero EMF sanctuary

Imagine your body as a glass jug full of clean, pure water. Red raspberry cordial represents environmental toxins including chemicals and electromagnetic radiation from microwave towers, wi-fi, mobile devices and power lines. Even if we have been exposed during our workday (our jug is dark red) during recuperative sleeppure water is added as the chemical and electromagnetic burden is lifted. By sleeping in a low-EMF environment our cells have a chance to oxygenate and detoxify. What if your family committed to switching off all devices(including wearables) from 8pm to 8am? Might you hardwire your home computer? Do you need a weekend get-away from technology and into nature? Journalyour correlations.

3.  Internal transformation

95% of all disease may be attributed to stress. The stress response alters our chemical balance. What if you considered stress as a chemical? What trauma, attachments, expectations, limiting beliefs, guilt, shame, grudges and judgement can you let go of? Are you ready to drop them for the sake of optimal health and sharing your gifts with the world?

Are you highly sensitive to the energies of others? Can you strengthen your third chakra with yoga or pranic healing? Chakra health helps you remain sensitive while discerning which psychic and electromagnetic energies enter your signature field. Reinforce your decision, ‘I now decide to radiate my own energies.’

Electromagnetic radiation over-exposure can be a catalyst to deepening your healing path. Which modality calls you? What do you need to heal? How can your unique gifts and sensitivity be used to facilitate the healing of others?

Show yourself self-love by doing what you love to do. Ask yourself daily, ‘What would I love to do today?’ and ‘How can I relax into and enjoy even more this moment?’


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Benjamin Nowland is the author of Playing God: Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation. Ben shares his insights and research through talks on the topics of health, electromagnetic radiation and individual and societal transformation.

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