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Throw away your glasses – steps to follow at home

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If you can’t see anything without glasses, here is a simple solution. Follow this exercise to accomplish reading the bottom line of the eye chart without reading glasses.

When the power of your reading glasses exceeds +3.5 diopters your vision may begin to change until you can’t see anything without the glasses. Multi-focal glasses can have the same effect. A participant in my workshop in Vienna, Austria, said she found it beyond frustrating.

Sometimes it is only one of your eyes that can’t read small print. If this is the case, then you need to do the exercise with that particular eye only. Print off an eye-chart (one can be downloaded here) and work through the steps below.

Make sure you find the smallest letters you can read perfectly, but do not compromise – the text must be absolutely clear. You want your brain to know that you want clear vision, not just less blur.

  1. Find the smallest letters you can see perfectly clearly with your right eye.
  2. Do the same with your left eye. If there is a difference between your two eyes then do the exercise with the eye that can read the largest letters until you can read the smallest print with both eyes.
  3. Turn the eye chart upside down.
  4. Scan the lines of white space between the letters. Do this all the way down to the bottom of the page.
  5. Turn the page the right way up. You will notice that the letters get darker and eventually become clear.
  6. Continue this until both eyes can read the same line with the same clarity.
  7. Next, continue the exercise until you can read the bottom line of the eye chart.

If your presbyopia has advanced to the point where your reading glasses are +3 or +4 diopters, then you won’t be able to read anything without glasses. If this is the case, then you will need to start with baby steps and begin by simply using lower lens power.

Choose a pair of reading glasses with which you are able to read midway down the eye chart. Do the exercise with the lower lens power until you can read the bottom line with those.

The most important step is to make both eyes capable of reading the same line. Once you can do this, the next step can be done with supermarket reading glasses, which always have the same prescription for both eyes.

Continue doing this exercise, with reading glasses of lower and lower diopters, until you can read the bottom line of the eye chart without any glasses.

If you need glasses for driving, then get yourself a pair of glasses that have been prescribed specifically for driving. Discard your bi-focals or multi-focals. This will make things a bit more complicated, since you will have to buy another pair. However, most people do not drive for long periods of time; so it is just a small compromise.


Leo Angart travels the world giving workshops on how to throw away your glasses,  following his own experiences many years ago. 

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