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Time Line Therapy® – a unique tool

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Unfortunately many people are conditioned to not pay attention to what their bodies are telling them or to reach too quickly for a pill as an instant ‘cure’.


Everybody seems to kind of agree that your thoughts and emotions – most of them unconscious and derived from long-forgotten experiences, indoctrination and behavioural conditioning – are a powerful force that can aid or degenerate your health.

Your conscious mind is the part of you that’s rational, logical and abstract in thinking. It does not have emotions. It can become conscious of emotions but these stem from the unconscious mind which produces them. Your unconscious mind can be defined as the intelligence of your body.

Your unconscious mind is running your life. You may think that you run your life consciously, but I beg to differ. Probably about 90 percent of your daily activity runs unconsciously, from how you get out of bed, what you eat, how you drive your car, what clothes you wear every day, and what have you.

Negative emotions can become lodged just about anywhere in your body, where they can then cause disruptions. The information which was supposed to travel in a certain direction can go elsewhere or not go anywhere at all – in other words be blocked.

It’s interesting to note that certain emotions are known to be associated with heart-related diseases, depression and sadness, and some with lowering of the immune system function. Trapped and dissociated emotions, of which you may not even be aware consciously, can lead to pain in certain regions of your body. Medical doctors are well aware that prolonged stress is one major factor that can produce significant negative alterations at this underlying energetic level, leading to so many health related issues that I would take pages to even enumerate. This is why Time Line Therapy®, is a unique tool, easy to use to remove all these negative emotions and influence positively your health, although our traditional science cannot give an explanation for why. The expression that someone ‘died from a broken heart’ may not be so far away from the truth.

It is easy to understand why finding the root cause which precipitated the onset of a certain disease will assist you not only to understand how it all started but also how, from that time on, conflicting activity at the energetic and of course mostly unconscious level brought your health to where it is today. The release of emotions from the old memories allows the body to release the blocked energy and your unconscious mind can start the process of regeneration and healing.

One thing is clear – your emotional makeup on a daily basis must be acknowledged. Negative emotions must be released if you are to maintain a strong and vibrant body.


Adriana James M.A., Ph.D., is a certified master trainer of neuro linguistic programming, master Time Line Therapy® trainer, hypnosis trainer and NLP coaching trainer. She is the author of the book Time Line Therapy® Made Easy.

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