Top 10 ways to recognise your intuition

Top 10 ways to recognise your intuition

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From gut feelings to dream symbols, your intuition communicates with you in unique ways.

Your mind and body is a vessel of intuition that continually absorbs energy and concepts from the collective. It’s not a coincidence when people discover the same scientific breakthrough at the same time on different sides of the world, when two distant siblings have a bad feeling about someone in their family at the same time, or when cultural migration occurred simultaneously thousands of years ago in tribes all over the planet! Check out these top 10 ways to recognise your intuition!

#1 – Your intuition speaks to you directly

Talking to yourself and hearing a voice when you talk to yourself is a natural phenomenon because we learn how to speak through sound, which is activated in your brain through mimicking and memory. You probably have a standard version of your own voice that you hear when you talk to yourself, but when your inner voice sounds different, sounds more confident, or calls you by name – your intuition is speaking to you directly!

#2 – You suddenly feel ’weird’

Everyone experiences these moments of ‘weird’. This is when time seems not at all linear. When your environment seems oddly different, and you feel out of place and space somehow. This is a call from your intuition saying stop what you’re doing and listen to your surrounding  universe and energies.

#3 – You feel a tingling sensation in the middle of your forehead

The middle of your forehead is your third eye chakra, and it never tingles without purpose and meaning. Sometimes, if you ignore it, the sensation will turn into a headache! When your third eye activates or tingles, it feels like a vibration inside of your skull, and it doesn’t happen unless the intuition of your higher self has something very important to communicate!

#4 – You see outside of yourself

Seeing outside of yourself ranges from mindful imagery and meditation to full-blown out-of-body experiences. Sometimes however, this happens randomly, when you see yourself, another person, or your environment from a higher perspective. This is your intuition telling you to assume the role of observer, to see holistically and with non-attachment to your ego. If you allow your higher self to take over when this happens, the intuitive insights will flow readily to you.

#5 – You just know something

No one told you, and you can’t explain it; you just know it. This is pure insight that is a gift from the universe. Others may tell you “There’s no way you can know that,” or “You don’t have any proof of that,” but when your intuition pulls something and drops it into your lap, it’s best to recognise it – and believe it!

#6 – Your gut churns

Gut feelings are not new phenomena of course, and sometimes they’re easy to recognise. Other times, your gut just churns a little, you suddenly have to go to the bathroom, or you feel weighed down in your abdomen. Gut churns and other gut-brain activities are subtler forms of a gut feeling. Not only is it important to reset yourself with a calming activity, it’s important to find the source of the gut churning and its intuitive message to you that something within or without is imbalanced.

#7 – You slip into ‘collective’ voice

The voice of your ego is ‘I’. The voice of the ‘other’ is ‘you’, and the collective voice is ‘we’, The interesting thing is that whether you’re referencing Freud or Buddhism, most psychological and spiritual frameworks identify three parts of self and divinity. If you find yourself saying “we” and you’re not talking about a group, your intuitive voice is talking to you and others!

#8 – You find a pattern

Intuition loves to find patterns in behaviours, symbols, energy movements, and beyond. When you find a pattern, even if it seems like a pattern that’s not rational, your intuition is telling you something important that needs processing and understanding. The pattern may be a link between a childhood experience and a recurring dream. It could also represent a connection between a social movement and a political outcome. Whether large or small, your intuition helps you find patterns for a purpose.

#9 – You remember a dream

Dreams are vehicles for intuition, and every dream symbol is an intuitive object in waking life. Recognising symbols and intuitive messages from dreams is a life-long endeavour, but when a specific symbol or dream sequence really stands out in your memory, it’s time to bring the intuition into your consciousness, whether you actively engage in dream journaling or not!

#10 – You feel déjà vu or synchronicity

Every time you feel like you’ve been somewhere before or met someone before, even when you logically know you haven’t, your intuition is activated! If you feel like you’re in two or more moments at the same time, your intuition is on synchronistic fire! Ask yourself, “What’s important about this place, experience, or person that my intuition is telling me I have experienced before?”

The key to tapping into its power is to listen to your intuition as much as possible.


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