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Toxic people

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Hong Curley answers readers’ questions

Dear Hong

I am surrounded by toxic people  in my life. How can I get rid of them?



Dear Marilyn

Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of toxic people in your life by trying to get rid of them. The reason these toxic people are in your life is because your inner toxic qualities have attracted them to come to you, just like food on your kitchen table attracts flies.

You cannot get rid of these so-called toxic people without getting rid of the inner toxins within yourself, because soon you will attract different people with the same inner qualities to come to you, and the cycle will start again.

So, your toxic friends are the mere mirror of your inner qualities. If you do not want them, get rid of the toxic qualities within yourself, transform them into beautiful qualities, then beautiful people will come to you. Don’t forget, you are a piece of magnet; you are a radio transmitter. Your frequency attracts other frequencies that resonate with you. So it is all in you. Try to get this into your head, into your being. It is all in your own hands. You have created every bit of it and so you have the power to change all of it.

Blessings Marilyn

Hong Curley


Hong is a Chinese medical doctor who specialised in psychological healing before she retired. She earned her expert status from having conducted over 38,000 consultations. She is author of Freedom to Love. 

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