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Train your mind, claim your life

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Meditation is a form of exercise for the mind that strengthens our brain. Just as our body needs exercise, our mind needs exercise and training to remain healthy.


Meditation needs to be integrated in our daily life. There are several reasons for this: rapid pace of modern life-style, dramatic fall of having quality time for ourselves, and accumulating stress. Despite having physical comfort, we are experiencing more mental discomforts today. We need to let out the tensions and stress that we are accumulating in our everyday life. Tension results in disease in our mind and our body. But with meditation we can overcome this. It releases tension from our body and our nervous system and improves our mental and physical health.

It is scientifically proven that meditation can change the functioning of the brain and enhance many of our cognitive functions. Despite the old belief that adult brains are unchangeable, studies in the past decades reveal that our brain has the ability to change and be physically modified. We can change the structure of our brain by strengthening connections between the nerve cells, and meditation does that.

This is just the start of the benefits. There are still a lot more to be understood about this profound ancient practice.

Exercising the mind

Meditation is a mental discipline. It is training of the mind to be still and focused. Just as working out and exercising your muscles strengthens your body, exercise of the mind strengths the brain. During a practice, certain areas of our brain become more active. These areas of the brain are associated with learning, regulation of emotion, and cognitive functions such as planning and decision making.

These findings are incredibly important as they imply that we can have more freedom to choose the life we want. The process of controlling the mind increases our mental strength. A focused mind is powerful. With a focused mind we can have more control over our thoughts and emotions. Our ability to shift the mechanism of our mind from the auto-pilot reactivity to a more aware, in control response improves our creativity, productivity, memory, sleep, and immune system, to name a few.

Knowing and taking charge of yourself

But it doesn’t end there; meditation is more than this. Besides the physical and mental benefits, in deeper-level meditation is the way of knowing our true self. By quietening the background noise of our active mind, meditation opens us to hear the voice of our being.

Meditation is the way to promoting our life. It strengthens our mind as well as improves our physical health. It teaches us to take responsibility and be in charge of our well-being and our life. Meditation is simple to learn and easy to be integrated in everyone’s daily life. Anyone who practices meditation will experience its benefits in one way or another; and the more we practice the more we will experience the benefits.

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  1. Thank you Ella for your feedback. I am happy to hear that this article was helpful to you. That’s great that you are going to try meditation. Enjoy. Kind wishes and blessing, Narjes

  2. Thank you Narjes. I got a lot from this article. I’m actually thinking about trying meditation. Hearing its benefits is inspiring to me. Thanks again

  3. Thank you Farshid for your thoughtful comment. Yes there is an incredible amount of science on health benefits of meditation. This is really amazing.
    With love and blessing, Narjes

  4. Congratulations Narjes on your article being published. Beautifully written!
    It is wonderful to hear about the science behind meditation. Hope to see more articles from you.

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