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Transforming consciousness in five easy steps

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This article explores how consciousness is evolving and how we no longer need to be in the pain body that is the ego state. The lessons we learn can easily be transmuted and we can be in flow. The author shares a simple formula known as the ‘5Rs’ – Resonance, Resistance, Responsibility, Reflection and Release. Then she offers an exercise using sound and visualisation to help you to transmute your negative beliefs and unhelpful stories.


Last year was an interesting year for many people and it is easy to rationalise why this was – the planets, the Mayan calendar, the raising of collective consciousness, etc. All or none of these may be true. I believe that our consciousness is evolving and in this process we are learning that the ego state, although being a great teacher, can allow us to remain in our pain bodies, separating us from Source. As we evolve I believe the polarity between the light and shade can become greater, which results in our going through tumultuous times. I also believe that we have the choice whether to stay in pain or to be in the Godmind – the flow, the light body.

When enabling our consciousness to evolve there is a process that takes place; a dance between constriction and release that is present in the universe. Just as flowers open and close, tides rise and fall and we breathe in and out, we experience ebb and flow on many levels. I believe the key to our evolution is how we interact with this flow. This simple formula helps explain the process and enables us to transform our consciousness. This formula is known as the ‘five Rs’ and it goes like this.


Resonance is a fundamental law of physics that is present in every level of our universe. A good example of this is when a singer uses their voice to smash a wine glass. The wine glass is smashed due to the structure of the wine glass resonating with the frequency of the singer’s voice, vibrating in response until it cannot hold its structure any more.

Resonance is the response of one frequency to another. These frequencies have to be the same in order for there to be resonance. For example, if you feel joy in response to an outside stimulus, it is because what you are experiencing is resonating with the joy within you. The same goes for anger, guilt or any other emotional state. Positive resonances are life affirming, and resonances that we consider as negative are potentially life-limiting. The key here is what we do when we experience the latter.


Resistance manifests as avoidance, denial, holding back, projection, blame, fear – anything that impedes flow. Question: how much energy does it take to hold back a river? Answer: a lot! The energy that is created when we separate from flow is known in physics terms as ‘destructive energy’. It manifests within us as fatigue, negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs; it is draining. If you feel tired, drained and have negative thoughts and beliefs it is because on some level there is resistance. Put very simply, resistance is an argument against reality, against the truth. This truth is the bliss of the universal flow.

A point has been made around needing to know our darkness before we can know our light – and this is true to a certain extent. However, if you have a need to stay in resistance and you are running the same negative beliefs such as ‘I’m stupid’, ‘He/she/they shouldn’t treat me like that’, ‘I deserve more than this’, etc., perhaps it is time to let go. Allow me to introduce the next ‘R’…


We are the only ones responsible for our process. No one can make us do, feel or think anything. How does that feel? Often people say, ‘They made me feel angry’. This is simply not true. Without resonance you would not feel anything – that is physics. So, if you feel angry, it is because something you are experiencing has resonated with something within you that has resulted in anger.

In that wonderful moment there is a gift for us – an opportunity to transform our consciousness. We now have a choice – we can avoid it (resistance) or blame the other person for ‘making’ us feel angry’ which (1), is not true and (2), is blame, which is also resistance. Or better still we can choose to look at it – which leads me to the next ‘R’.


Reflection is all about looking at ourselves and our processes as compassionate witnesses. Rather than engaging with the story (which nurtures the ego) we are asking ourselves if the story we are holding on to is serving us. It is interesting to note that many people hold on to their limiting beliefs because there is a payoff on some level for them. There will be excuses such as ‘I have suffered such a big trauma it will take me years to get over this’. Now this is not to trivialise a person’s traumatic experience, but if they are telling themselves that it will take them years, then the chances are it will – but it doesn’t have to.

We can change our minds simply and easily. It is our choice to hold on or to let go. No ifs, no buts and no excuses. The ego loves a story and these stories are our teachers. However, in this age where consciousness is evolving at a faster rate, we have the chance to make quantum shifts. So the choice is simple – to be in flow or not?


If you were to let go of the river (limiting belief/emotion) how would that feel?

Release manifests in many ways – as tears, letting go, anything that is loose and flowing. Some people experience upset tummies after healing sessions for example. This could point to release (if you are concerned though, or your symptoms are extreme, go to the doctor). You may feel less restriction in the body, slightly more tearful for a few days. Release has also been called a healing crisis, which is an interesting term that can imply that it is a bad thing – but we know of course it is not. When there is release it is pointing to a movement on some level of an underlying resistance. Release is good.

Try this exercise. Think about a limiting belief or negative statement and feel that in the body. Now think about how it would feel if an angel came down and removed you of this thought/feeling. Really feel this in the body. It is likely that you felt darker, drained, tired, contracted, etc., with the first visualisation, and lighter, brighter and more expanded with the second. So what changed?

The only thing that changed is your mind. We are infinitely powerful beings capable of altering our brain chemistry and therefore psychology and physiology as a result. All we have to do is be aware of the five Rs and work though the simple process.

  1. Resonance – Where is it in the body, how does it feel?
  2. Resistance – Is there a negative story or belief attached to it?
  3. Responsibility – Do I believe that I am fully responsible for my own process?
  4. Reflection – How would I feel if I did not have that belief any more? Do I want to hold on to that story?
  5. Release – Going with the flow.

Sound is a really good medium for helping us release as it reminds us to resonate with flow. When you feel resistance, reflect on the belief and think about how it would sound. Begin to make that sound vocally, visualising the energy of the resistance moving through the body on the sound. Keep going for as long as you can. You may experience release during or after this sounding session. Now think about how you would feel if you did not have that belief, and sound (vocalise) this in the system. See the positive sound dissolving the resistance. At the end of the exercise stop and notice how you feel.

Through embracing our resistances lovingly and transforming them with sound and reflection we are able to free all the energy of resistance into our mental, emotional and physical bodies. Who knows what we may achieve as a result. Happy sounding!


Lyz Cooper has been working within holistic health for 30 years and with sound for 20. She is founder of The British Academy of Sound Therapy and has received awards for furthering the sound therapy field worldwide.

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