The true voice of your inner guidance system

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There’s a map inside you that you may not always know how to use. It’s your inner guidance system.


How do we get to that still, quiet voice of our inner guidance when we are seeking answers, solace, wisdom, and insight? Turning inwards can invariably open us up to a chorus of inner noise; a cacophony of voices that may be more fearful than wise, more self-doubting than clear, and more critical than insightful.

We can get stuck viewing the world through our problems, through what’s not working. Those nagging, critical inner voices can be relentless and are a representation of all the self-limiting thoughts and attitudes that exist in all of us and keep us from achieving our goals. We may hear familiar phrases like, ‘You’re not enough’, ‘You messed up, again’, ‘No one is there for you. You can only rely on yourself’, ‘Why would they want you?’

Is your inner critic your default inner guide setting?

These phrases may be ‘familiar’ because we probably heard them within our own families. We weren’t born with an inner critic, it is just an overlay that we’ve taken on while growing up. These voices can be woven into our psyche so seamlessly that we are unaware of the way they put us down or leave us feeling bad about ourselves and powerless to act. Those self-critical or self-doubting inner voices can attack every aspect of our lives, our sense of well-being, our attitudes, our relationships, our career choices, and how we do in our jobs.

The first step is to identify the voice or voices for what they are; an inner critic or judge. Catch them in the act so to speak. We may have become so used to these parts speaking to us that we can mistake them for our regular voice. They can be the default setting on the inner commentary in our lives. When we recognise the presence of the inner critic in our thoughts it’s an opportunity to change; to catch what is said and change it to something more productive, neutral, or kind.

The true voice of your inner guide

The next step is to practise quiet and stillness, to get past the ‘noise’ and allow space for the authentic voice of your inner guidance (some might call it our inner GPS) to emerge. Tuning in takes regular practise that cultivates receptivity, devotion, and patience. This of itself is an act of self-love.

Your true inner guide is connected to your higher self; the part that wishes the best for you and those around you. It is always speaking through your heart or gut. Its wisdom, tone, and energy is subtle, quieter, softer.

This next part is really important…

You’ll recognise the authentic voice of your inner guide because it is always kind, compassionate, gentle, encouraging, and loving. It never shames you, puts you down, berates you, compares you as less than someone or something else or diminishes your feelings. The wisdom is often brief and to the point. You may hear phrases like, ‘Just wait for now’, ‘It’s going to be okay’, ‘Don’t worry’, ‘Try again later’, ’Don’t give up’, ‘It was just a mistake, everyone makes them’, or ‘Rest.’

It takes time and timing to tune in and keep an open heart, to be receptive and patient to what might be coming through. The message may not come through immediately. Sometimes we get the cosmic download later that day, the following week, in our dreams, or in something we overhear in the supermarket. We can often mistrust it because it doesn’t sound logical or linear.

Your body is a portal to your truth

Sometimes our inner guidance is not a voice or words but a feeling; an inexplicable inner knowing, a vision, a sudden blinding flash, or a hunch. When something feels right, we may experience a feeling of warmth, calm, and ease in our chests or our belly. Or we could feel a rush of energy, of anticipation, joy, and delight.

When something feels like a  ‘no’ we can often experience it as an immediate contraction in our gut or our whole body, a tightness in our chest, or a feeling of dread. Sometimes it may not be a clear cut ‘no’ but a ‘not for right now’. Timing can be of the essence. As we become more finely-tuned to our inner process we may notice that our external world mirrors this through blocks in our creative manifestation process or obstacles in the way of our goals. We may feel we’ve done all the right things, taken the right steps, but things still aren’t moving. That’s when it really is time to stop and wait and surrender to the will of the Divine.

The wisdom of getting support

We all need support at different times in our lives, especially when we are shifting consciousness around a deep life process or a painful recurring pattern. It can be a challenge to start differentiating between the voice of an inner critic and an inner guidance that offers discernment rather than criticism. One creates fear and agitation in our bodies. The other is empowering and feels more peaceful.

It is important to work with someone who can hold the space with you in a safe and guiding way, who can help you with specific tools like discernment, inner presence, trusting, and following your body’s signals.

As we love ourselves, are gentler, kinder, and are more compassionate towards ourselves, we are creating a shift in our energetic vibration and growing our inner light. This reverberates out into our families, communities, and indeed on the planet. Our self-love is our greatest act of empowerment.


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