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Two of a kind – the pioneering passage of healing

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Melissa Hocking and Carmel Bell are cutting edge in their individual healing work and have been drawn into the global need for change, healing and integrity.

One of their passions is to ensure all holistic healers are adequately educated to be able to at least present their CVs to their local GP who might be scratching his/her head to find an answer to the occasional patient dilemma.

LivingNow asked them if they’d interview each other, and see what came about. They are both vibrant and colourful women, yet very down to earth.

Who are you?

C. Carmel Bell. When I am ‘working’ I like to think of myself as ‘Carmel Bell’ because what I do is a team effort between my husband Bernie and me. You need support to do this work fully. I am known as a medical intuitive because I am an awesome clairvoyant who uses my skills to look into the human body. But I also love and respect science and I believe that if you are going to be an MI you need to understand the body from a scientific viewpoint – so I have trained myself in anatomy, physiology, disease processes, medicine, herbs and more – all self-taught.

I want to tell people what the issue is with their bodies, as well as with their spirits. I then use Metatronic energy to balance the body. Metatronic energy was passed onto me from the Archangel Metatron and he explained to me that this was extremely high frequency energy – higher than the crown chakra vibration – and because of that, is able to structurally alter the human body.  It is a quantum-based frequency. I also teach, present, write and am a mum to four children ranging from 30 to 12 years old, three of whom are Aspergers children – so it is a fun, but raucous household.

M. Melissa Hocking. I use quantum frequencies to trigger living bodies to heal themselves. Director of Quantum BioEnergetics International, anatomical physiologist, quantum bioenergetic facilitator, teacher, presenter, author, mum – overworked really.

Why are you?

C. Why am I? I was born this way. I wanted to be a doctor but it felt like that was the wrong path for me despite my desire to practise medicine. Medicine actually felt limiting to me. Plus I discovered when I was little that I could see spirits and ghosts and I also somehow knew when people were going to die, which thrilled my paternal grandmother who was an Irish ‘wise woman’ but terrified my parents. My godfather was a doctor and everyone freaked when I told them he was going to die. I was four. He died very soon after that, but he loved me and told me I should be a doctor. It took me a while to work out that I could satisfy both worlds by being a medical intuitive.


M. And I believe you died recently?

C. Yes, I did. I had a sudden cardiac arrest in my sleep and was dead for 47 minutes before they managed to resuscitate me. Bernie is a paramedic and he was clever enough to wake up after I managed to ‘call’ him, while being dead. I remember stepping out of my body and knowing, strongly knowing, that I was not astral travelling and that I was in fact, dead.

The first thing I did was start to call Bernie and to shake him which was really funny, even at the time, because I couldn’t move him at all. The really cool part, apart from remembering being dead, was I knew that I was going to die and months earlier I had warned both my doctor and Bernie that I was about to die. My doctor ordered a halter monitor to check my heart as well as other tests, but the problem was there was nothing wrong with me; so I couldn’t do anything about it, except die.

I completely appreciate that dying and recovering gives me recognised medical kudos plus it also gave me all the medical records and documents to prove beyond a doubt that I was dead, knew I was going to die and then used these Metatronic energies to heal my brain from severe brain damage. It actually states in my medical records that I am a miracle.

What about you, Mel? Why are you? Why, Mel?

M. I’m an ordinary lady with an extraordinary gift. My gift is in healing, in quantum bioenergetics. My purpose is to pass that on.

C. Nothing ordinary about you. Bestselling author, military officer, multiple degrees, heading up an international company, single mum to three kid,s one of them with special needs… Besides your many and varied achievements, your passion and your integrity set you apart from the average person.

M. Perhaps I should write a title, “From left to right brain in a single plunge off the precipice!”

An anatomical physiologist, several years ago I attended the wrong scientific lecture about the effect of quantum frequencies on the human cell and from there ventured into an extraordinary journey, a genuine convergence of the science and the spiritual, into the pioneering expedition that is quantum bioenergetics. Using quantum mechanically-based frequencies via the human energy anatomy, we’re enabling an environment of balance where the biology is able to prioritise and facilitate a healing for itself. It is ‘cutting edge’ and our research, and the work itself, is getting enormous attention and publication globally because of that, both from the scientific/medical community and the spiritual – for the spiritual element in this is undeniable.

What matters most in your work?

M. Integrity. Compassion and integrity.

C. Same for me. Plus a good solid diagnosis. For me, as an MI, people come when the machines that go ‘ping’ cannot tell them what the issue is. Amongst MIs I am renowned for being the most medically diagnostic and most accurate, and I get a real kick out of giving people the answer. Talking about myself, for instance, last week my legs were cramping and I asked a few other MIs what was ‘wrong’. They came back with the predictable diagnosis of magnesium deficiency but I knew that it was not that. It was actually that the socks I had been wearing were too tight around my calf and were impeding blood flow. You have to actually see and understand the problem. The easy answer is usually not it, and if it was, they would not need me.

M. Here, here!

What is the most important element in what you do?

M. The teaching. Passing this on. And it’s my own richest experience too – that beautiful moment when I see people realise that this is their gift, that they can do it… I love that!

C. Seeing outside the box, which is what makes my diagnostic skill so awesome. No, I don’t like to be told what to see or how to feel… If I could do the diagnosis and get you to do the healing Mel … hmmm.


I also love teaching about MI and Metatronic energy. Empowering people – not making me the healer or the guru, but putting it back to them. That’s great, isn’t it, Mel?

M. No gurus in this room, baby! You don’t want to put me on a pedestal: I’ll probably mistake it for a podium and start dancing.

It is great! If only people could see the greatness in themselves that we see in them! The privileged task of holding people in my guardianship, guiding and teaching them, this I take very seriously. For they step into themselves often for the first time (in this life anyway – adjust this statement to your belief system as is appropriate 😉 )

That being said, we do laugh a lot. I certainly don’t take myself too seriously!

Most bizarre moments with your work? Strangest session?

C. Couldn’t say, honestly. My stuff isn’t so dramatic because I am telling people what the problem is. They are usually more freaked than anything by what I see and what I say.  Probably the most memorable sorts of things are when I can pull out of a person those moments that they had discounted or ignored and explain to them how this one moment had led to all the moments that had caused their illness. Like breast cancer – everyone who has breast cancer is keeping a secret, and that doesn’t mean that it is a bad secret, but the results of that will create cancer of the breast. The happiest moments, though, are when people contact me and tell me that I have saved their life by the information I have passed on to them.

M. Ha ha! I’m not sure, after thousands of clients and all over the globe, if I could pin it down to just one. I love the weirdness out there. As Michael Franti says, “All the freaky people make the beauty of the world”.

I’m consistently inconsistent at finding myself in the most bizarre places and having to face the fact that all is appropriate – from cradling bloody newborns still attached to the umbilical cord in the slums of Varanasi, India, to sitting down with a team of oncologists on hospital row in New York; from presenting before an alien/spiritualist group who insisted on chanting throughout to keep my ‘inter-dimensional energy clear’, to discussing the need for integrative accreditations with formal medical associations.

Diversity is my badge. ‘Bizarre’ is its only consistency

C. Wow, yeah, you have had some great moments. What would be your best moment, Mel?

One of my best moments I actually talk about in my book when I was able to save an unborn baby because I could see that a cancer was growing in the mother’s uterus, along with baby. This sort of cancer is both extremely rare and fatal. These two both lived, though, because the doctor was able to find the cancer early enough, thanks to my advice.

M. My best moment, and by far my greatest challenge in healing, would be the recent battle I had with the return of my own brain tumour. The single actual best moment? Hearing the words “full remission” twelve weeks after they had given me six weeks to live. Be under no illusions: it was a brutal and horrific battle, but one I’m proud to say I won.

Words I’ve heard about your work that have stayed with me are ‘pioneering’ and ‘cutting edge’. Where do you feel this work fits in the grand scheme of evolution?

M. This IS the grand scheme of evolution – the shifting and elevating vibratory state of the planet and all that exists within and upon it, rapidly, in fact more rapidly than ever, shifting forward – and of course we are going with it. Sadly such change is encompassing much unnecessary fear from many.

The work we’re doing in QB runs right alongside such rapid shift. All healers are working differently, according to our gifts, but this elevation, this acceleration, is ALL of ours.


The likes of you and I are privileged to introduce the shift, and we are breaking the water so that any and all can journey more easily in our wake. 

C. We are privileged, and there are many others working with these frequencies, that is true. I don’t think that a lot of them understand it because they have been taught to be afraid of the connection between the two worlds. You and I seem not to fear that as much as we fear being out of our own integrity. So where do we fit in? I think that we are the bridge between the two worlds. We are the human part of the machine. I think that we take what has been deemed spiritual and make it into the compassionate human energy.

That this is why Metatron chose us, I believe. When I was in heaven, Metatron asked me to connect with Melissa. We hadn’t met before I died, but Metatron wanted me to connect with Mel, telling me that we were ‘sisters’ and that we both used his energy, although perhaps in a different way. I was excited by that but terrified that Mel would think I was a bit mad! We live and breathe the zeal that we need both worlds, and that you can be spiritual and still have fun and be human.

What is the greatest detractor from the work you’re doing?

M. The charlatans – small-minded people doing the wrong thing, separating and dividing through their unethical and dishonourable actions genuine complementary medicine from the people that truly need it. I find the term ‘new age’ has become a bit like hearing ‘Amway’ – you cringe even though you may not know much about it. It has the same basis – a few people have done the wrong thing and all now bear the stigma. We are working to bring change to this though, aren’t we Carmel? In all our spare time…

C. Oh yes, we are trying to set up an association for alternative healers, with minimum training requirements, working with children police checks, things like that – so that ‘healers’ and medical practitioners can talk to each other and actually understand each other.

What keeps it real for you?

C. My children, Bernie, my clients who tell me that I am their last hope, but mostly my cat, I think. He doesn’t take any nonsense or self-pity.

M. My family. Coming home to a very real life on my own with three kids, one of whom is seriously disabled. Wiping noses, cooking pasta… when you’re doing an international radio interview at 3am from your home office and your little girl comes in because she’s had a nightmare, it keeps it pretty real. The juggling of schedule, leading this healing journey is a skill all its own.

You and I have both known serious, apparently ‘terminal’ illness. That lends us an empathy in what we’re doing which well and truly keeps ego from dancing over the line.

C. Oh yeah, the whole dying stuff. That was pretty real.

Where is this all going?

M. We are human. Whatever gift or alien denomination you may hearken from, you are still presenting here as human. We exist in a constant state of vibration: you are either vibrating or you are dead. In a constant vibratory state we are in a constant state of change. Yes, that which we fear most – change – is exactly where we are.

Where are we going? We are advancing into a change that is ours to own, ours to create, ours in an infinite, accelerating, advancing world that knows every possibility – and, in that, we as individuals are all powerful.

C. I’ll second that.

Carmel’s ‘death’ experience is outlined in her book, ‘When All Else Fails’, which is available from Angus & Robertson and also her website, 

Melissa’s book ‘A Healing Initiation – Recognise the Healer Within’, is available at

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