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This other-worldly space we are in is so real we could almost be there. Our consciousness is, but our bodies are not. I am with my client Dave and we are in a disco. It is a hot, steamy, tropical setting and everyone is partying hard. It is one of those places that cater for your overseas Aussie tourist who just likes to drink, pick up a partner and dance the night away.

It has a vaguely seedy feel, but everyone seems to be happily inebriated – so it doesn’t really matter to them. Apart from sweat, cheap perfume and beer, I can smell the all-pervading underlying odour of two-stroke, kero and clove cigarettes.

Dave, does this place feel familiar? I telepath. He is relaxed. I have already told him that as time travellers we will be invisible to the locals.

No mate. I can guess where we are, but I’ve never been here. He is soaking up the atmosphere like he is on a fairground ride.

Oh right. Are you drawn to anyone in particular? I am fishing.

I feel a pending dread deep in my gut. Part of me senses what may be about to happen but it does not make sense. I am perplexed because what I fear should just not be possible.

That girl over there – she could be my sister, if I had one.

OK. Go ever and step into her body and tell me how it feels. He steps into the body of a young, attractive but rather shy girl, out for the night with her friends.

Weird man! Like soft and sensitive. She’s got no muscles. What’s going on inside of her? So emotional. She feels vulnerable, She’s thinking about how she looks and what people think of her. I want to look after her. Is she, like, my sister or something?

Sort of. I respond. I am still figuring this one out.

Normally when we travel through time and space there is a good and obvious reason. We do not just arrive on the other side of the world to participate in a drunken party. Usually we find ourselves in a past life, or even on another planet, but this is a new one. We are obviously on Earth in the recent past, within Dave’s lifetime, but he has never been here and he is not a girl. Something is wrong.

While my client gets up close and personal with his new found girlyness, I survey the nightclub. Really we could be in any one of hundreds of cheap bars or nightclubs anywhere in the East. I start to relax a little. We could even be in a parallel reality. It is confusing for clients but occasionally this trans-reality trip can happen, but no, Dave would still be here, much as he is now, and he would not be experiencing life as a young woman.

What concerns me is that without fail with this type of regression (or whatever we are experiencing) it is trauma that shows up first. Usually I have a handle on it. Today I don’t – another reason why I am feeling apprehensive.

The drunken Aussie boofhead next to me lifts his overflowing beer from the bar and his mates laugh raucously as he raises it to his lips. The cardboard coaster has stuck to the bottom of the glass and he looks an idiot as he slurps the clear, icy liquid. Playing to the gallery he allows the frothy lager to spill all over his shirt as he knocks it back with gusto. He is choking with laughter and having a fine old time. As the coaster catches the light, I catch my breath. The name of the club is familiar. It is time for us to get out. Now.

Dave. It’s time to step out of her body now. You have experienced enough. We need to move on.

Aw mate! I was just gettin…

His sentence is cut short as the room fills with a swirling fireball; beautiful in its own perverse way, it takes on a life of its own and becomes, for a moment, the fiery aspect of Shiva. It is a terrible scene to be in, and I am just a silent witness, Dave is experiencing it as if he were there in person.

He is about to be consumed by the wall of fire racing across the room. He starts sobbing as he realises what is happening to him/her. He experiences fear, anger, extreme physical pain, but above all else acute emotional anguish as he comprehends exactly what he is experiencing.

Why me? How could anyone do this to me? I have never hurt anyone. What did I do to deserve this? I am not ready to die here, so far from home!

My worst fears for him are realised. We are in the Sari club in Bali, on October 12, 2002, and I have to get him out before he is scarred for life. This life…

Dave is a new student, a big bull of a guy with a square jaw, big chest and a soft heart. He is a good old fashioned Aussie bloke. He has his mates, he likes a beer, he loves his motorbike and a good laugh. He wasn’t taking life too seriously until he was diagnosed with cancer a few years back. Then everything changed.

Having seen his mum go down a rocky, painful and unsuccessful road with chemotherapy, he wasn’t too keen on the conventional treatments – so he sought alternatives and found me.

I am always very clear with people who are desperate or have a life-threatening health condition. All I can promise is that I will do my best. My aim is to help them get to the root cause of the condition and understand why it is happening and the choices that led to it. I would be a fool and a charlatan to promise anything more; I am not in the business of giving people false hope. What I never tell them is that, when we do find the original trauma, which is often emotional and not in this lifetime, then we may be able to change things, although sometimes the reasons may be deep-seated and unchangeable, relating to karma or pre-birth agreements.

Dave had been through this process and he was getting better. His illness related to a past life incident where a close friend’s betrayal lead directly to Dave’s torture and death. It is not possible to change his experience, but it is possible to change how he feels about it. In one session we were able to remove this past emotional pain and naturally the present illness went with it.

Dave is about to become a student and decided to have one more shamanic journey with me before he committed himself to the rigours of my training. After the extensive clearings he had experienced over the past few months I was expecting something very positive to happen during his session. It is natural when a person is free from all trauma to enter a state of absolute bliss.

I invited Bryony, my apprentice, to sit in on the session, and briefed her on my expectations. As a natural trance channel she was able to observe both the journey and the physical almost at the same time.

Being a keen all-round sportsman and ready to play again, Dave had asked me to look into why his neck was so stiff. He had found that he was unable to turn his head completely and whenever he had any form of physical treatment it would bring only temporary relief. He was finding it a bit embarrassing and, before he became ill, it had started to affect his performance in his beloved game of Aussie rules football.

During our journey in no time-space I telepath the following affirmation for him to repeat.

Body I command you. Release the past life trauma I am holding in my neck into full consciousness, now!

Immediately we are transported to the distant past. We are in a cobbled town square full of people and there is a hushed air of expectancy. He is standing in the body of a man and he is on the gallows looking at the shabby crowd. He is about to be hanged. The rope is being placed around his neck. I ask him how he feels.

I feel really angry, really angry at the people that put me here. I stole one loaf of bread to feed my starving family and look where that got me. I am abandoning my wife and baby and they won’t have any hope of staying alive without me. I am so sad. I have let them down. I feel guilty and I can see them both in the crowd. I love them so much. Dave starts crying.

We process and release the trauma and I know that when the session is over his neck will be fine. I feel we are about to make the breakthrough I was anticipating and, getting a little ahead of myself, I suggest he make the following affirmation.

I am now ready to access bliss. Body take me there, now!

This is the trigger for our arrival in Bali and our fireball experience, not quite the bliss I was expecting. There is obviously another trauma to be dealt with before he can get there and I need to get Dave out of the girl’s body before he experiences much more of her pain…

Dave step out of her body now. You don’t need to experience any more of this pain.

No response from Dave who is totally there, in agony, in Bali.

Dave. Now, Mate. Step out of her body. Now!

He hears me, realises he can, then steps out of her body and stands next to the dying girl looking down at her. She cannot see him.

Oh mate that was intense. What’s going on. Why am I here? He is dazed.

I wish I knew. Keeping that thought to myself I take Dave into no-time-space and call on the spirit of the girl from Bali.

She arrives looking fresh and well and I get straight to the point.

Why did you call Dave to the Sari club to experience your death in Bali? What is your relationship?

We are members of the same soul family. Dave and I have agreed on the highest level that he can release the trauma on my behalf during this session if he agrees to do so now.

So are we like … brother and sister? Dave cuts in.

We are much more than that. On the deepest level Dave, you and I are one. We are part of the same consciousness, having simultaneous incarnations.

Of course. Why didn’t I get that?, I think to myself. I teach it often enough. I have just never seen a trauma release played out so immediately before.

What; you mean there are more of me running around?, Dave laughs releasing his tension and fear.

Yes, we are presently also a little boy in Africa and an old woman in Greece, she responds.

Are you cool with releasing the trauma for her and for yourself?


I take them both through the release process and we part company. The young woman and Dave embrace and she thanks him. She tells him that in any future incarnation they will not need to deal with her experience in Bali and the physical illnesses that would come with it.

I ensure Dave is clear. I energise and cleanse his energy bodies and return with him to the physical. He is wrecked and starts sobbing. Bryony comforts him and we debrief. In due course he is escorted out and Bryony returns with a cup of tea for us both.

“That was pretty special”, Byrony observes, with just a hint of irony.

“That was a classic case of multiple, simultaneous incarnation and trauma release, which I was planning to discuss with you after this session.”

I catch Bryony’s sharp, dark, hawk-like eyes and they sparkle as she smiles at me, knowing that was not my plan at all.

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