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US 2020 Presidential Election – fight for power – Stella Woods astrology

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With the US Presidential Election just over a month away, I took a look at the two candidates’ charts to see who might be in a stronger position on Election Day.

Joe Biden – duty and sacrifice

First up, Joe Biden (born 20th November 1942 at 8.30 am in Scranton, Pennsylvania) does not at first glance have the typical profile of a US President.

His Scorpio sun sits inside the 12th house alongside Mercury, Venus and Mars (selflessly working behind the scenes) while his north node (karmic path) and midheaven (career) are both in Virgo, sign of duty and service. Biden’s birth chart lacks fire – this is a man who impresses through deeds, rather than charisma, personality and flair.

Joe Biden Birth Chart

Joe Biden Birth Chart

There is no doubt about Biden’s competency, commitment, intelligence, hard-working nature, solid track record and ethics. These qualities have made him a great lawyer; champion of human rights and social justice and a loyal understudy to Barack Obama for eight years as Vice President. (2008-2017).

But is this enough?

Biden turns 78 next month; he’s already had a successful career; he has a number of health issues and is on record as saying he decided to run for President out of a sense of duty, given the lack of other suitably experienced Democratic candidates. This all fits in with the self-sacrificing 12th house planets and Virgo signature in his birth chart, but there is no hunger for power here.

Biden has no major transits or progressions on Election Day that stand out in terms of making him a winner, however if we cast a chart for opening of the polls in East Coast USA on 3rd November, he is symbolised by Venus in ruling sign Libra, while Trump is symbolised by retrograde Mars in ruling sign Scorpio. This puts the two candidates on an equal footing.

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Donald Trump – king of the castle

And so to 74 year old Donald Trump (born 14th June 1946 at 9.51 am in Queens, New York). Trump does have the profile of a winner, whatever you may think of his abilities and modus operandi. With regal Leo rising; Gemini Sun on the karmic north node and Mars in Leo conjunct Regulus, royal star of kings, Trump wants to be President because he really believes he is a king. He’s not joking when he claims to be the best and the most powerful. Duty, service, self-sacrifice and humility are not part of his make-up.

Donald Trump Birth Chart

Donald Trump Birth Chart

Shocking track record

Trump has had a shocking track record since being elected President in 2016 – reports of mental and physical ill health including high cholesterol; heart disease and rumours of stroke; mass sackings of those who disagree with him; impeachment; the tense situation with Russia and China; accusations of lies, fraud, sexual misconduct, racism and tax avoidance. Not to mention the massive death toll from his botched handling of this year’s coronavirus pandemic, his attitude to climate change, and the fallout from the Black Lives Matter protests.

Many US citizens loathe and despise Trump and are embarrassed to have him as their President. Leaders and citizens of other countries look on aghast at his behaviour and actions. But Trump is still in office; he has a strong Republican support base and he’s running against an opponent who is almost four years older, with his best years behind him.

Expect the unexpected

On Election Day Uranus, planet of sudden events, is conjunct Trump’s midheaven symbolising his career or public image. The usual interpretation of Uranus passing over the midheaven is: ‘expect the unexpected’. He also has a nodal return this month, and the north node conjunct his sun; positive astrological events that happen every 19 years, symbolising karmic shifts.

All this means Trump could somehow pull off winning this election, even though the polls show his support has plummeted. And even if he loses the popular vote or doesn’t win the election outright, Trump has threatened to stay on in office, using his Presidential power to prevent any decisive outcome against him. It is entirely possible that with the help of his Republican allies, he could obstruct the emergence of a legally unambiguous victory for Biden and seize on any uncertainty to hold onto power.

US Presidential Election Chart

US Presidential Election Chart

Win the lot or lose the lot?

2020 is a year with three karmic Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions symbolising ‘win the lot or lose the lot’. The final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto is 7th-13th November, just days after the US Election. Those who abuse worldly power are eventually called to account. Trump will face legal action over his tax affairs if he loses the presidency. With the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction constricting his house of health over the coming year, he could well face problems on that front too. (Editor’s note: Stella wrote this article just hours before Trump was confirmed as having COVID-19! So it looks like health issues really will be a problem for him?!) Will his power crumble or will he live to fight another day? What we do know is that he won’t play fair. So don’t expect the 2020 US Election to be a straightforward affair!

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