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2008 US election: the future vs. the past

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Editor’s Introduction – While some of you may be reading this after the fact, we feel that this piece, by our contributing numeroligist Neil Hair, casts a revealing light on the main players in the historic 2008 election of the US American President.


The US federal election on November 4, 2008, was once described by Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, in lofty terms, “Our nation faces a truly historic decision that will affect not only America’s destiny but the course of human history”. What John McCain didn’t tell us, and why would he, was that USA will soon elect its 44th President.

The fundamental premise of numerology is that there is a deeper significance to number sequences than meets the eye. Number 44 is ‘all-powerful’ in earthly affairs, implying that the 44th US president, unless of exceptional personal mastery, will assert US power in all fields of human endeavour! The financially and politically powerful 44 may one day attain the spiritual mastery of Numbers 11, 22 and 33, directing its power to solve global problems and benefit humanity. However, the distressed state of capitalism and inequities of the material world give us an inkling that Number 44 is not yet up to the mark!

That John McCain has tuned into the gravitas of USA’s 2008 federal election is beyond doubt. At this point in human history, the overreach of power in high places is eminently possible with the powerfully transformative planet Pluto moving into Capricorn in 2008, the sign of hierarchy, the Establishment, and the business world for a 16-year period of structural reform. Notably, the two previous ingresses of Pluto into Capricorn in 1762 and 1516, began periods of transformation of the status quo: American colonists rebelled against their oppressive British masters; and Martin Luther initiated The Reformation in Europe. The current ingress of Pluto into Capricorn marks the beginning of a hugely significant period for USA [born 4/7/1776], with Pluto due to ‘return’ to its birth placement in 2022. This whole period will almost certainly bring transformation of US-style capitalism and renewal of the global financial system, a process already set in motion by the sub prime mortgage crisis and resultant global credit squeeze! The world is at a financial crossroads, and choosing the right US president will prove critical.

The Establishment in USA, currently represented by a Republican Presidency, may try to consolidate its powerbase, but in the longer term this will prove untenable. Pluto will without compromise upturn and transform any hierarchy, Republican or Democrat, which seeks to dominate the people for its own purposes. Ultimately, the Establishment will be ‘guided’ towards a more equitable distribution of wealth and power, as first envisaged for capitalism by economist Adam Smith, whose Wealth of Nations was coincidentally published in 1776!

Against this backdrop of planetary and numeric influences, USA must soon select a president to follow the least popular in modern history, George W. Bush.

On August 29, third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans and John McCain’s 72nd birthday, the sudden entry to the Republican campaign of gun-toting Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, breathed life into McCain’s moribund campaign and, to the relief of Republicans, raised it from the dead! Hurricane Gustav had threatened to wipe out New Orleans for a second time, and delayed the opening of the Republican Convention. ‘Hurricane Sarah’, as she was nicknamed in the press, had the power to wipe out either party at the polls!

After the most divisive Democrat primary race in modern history, Barack Obama faced a formidable task. As the first African-American to contest the presidency, Obama had only qualified support from vanquished Senator Hillary Clinton, who opted not to attack Sarah Palin; and even less support from former President Bill Clinton, who continued to claim Hillary was the right choice for vice president! In addition to racial attacks from white supremacists, Obama faced racial prejudice in USA and within his own party. In a poll from early September, just 70% of Democrats supported an African American president, until Sarah Palin joined the Republican ticket. Within two weeks support for Obama had leapt to 90%!

On election day, the planets are mixing a special cocktail in the heavens to test the candidates. An exact opposition [180 degrees separation] between mythological foes Uranus and Saturn, proclaims a battle-grande between the reformist forces of ‘the future’ and the conservative stalwarts of ‘the Past’. Up to the moment Hurricane Sarah hit the Republican Convention, this image perfectly described the Democrat battlefield of Barack Obama and former first lady, Hillary Clinton; and later the campaign of youthful 47-year-old Obama against ageing 72-year-old McCain. On November 4, Uranus lies in the 11th House of ‘hopes, dreams and wishes’ of USA’s Gemini Rising astrology chart (the ‘people’s chart’), suggesting a visionary force for the future will stimulate the people’s hopes and dreams, as Obama has done. The revolutionary Uranus and conservative Saturn are in harmony on election day with the guarded moon in Capricorn, showing a cautious US public, defensive, but at the same time open to change!

Late in January 2008, Pluto made its long-awaited ingress into the sign of Capricorn, giving a sustained thrust to ‘the overthrow of the Establishment’, just what Obama needed to ambush Senator Clinton. He ‘headed her off at the pass’ on February 5’s Super Tuesday and, following Clinton’s long-in-coming concession on June 7, successfully carried his standard of ‘change’ into war against the Republican Establishment – at least until Hurricane Sarah blew down from Alaska!

Up to August 29, Barack Obama had been the unchallenged candidate of change. In numerology, the word ‘change’ [ordinally c=3, h=8, a=1, n=5(14), g=7, e=5; totalling 29/11/2, with vowels=6, consonants=23/5] aligns perfectly to the goals of the election day chart for November 4, expressing a potential for responsible change. This was a slogan in tune with the times, resonating with the need for renewal from the Bush years and creating an auspicious alignment for both Democrats, and Barack Obama [born 04/08/1961 with life path = 29/11/2, from 4+8+1+9+6+1].

While John McCain had the reputation as a maverick of the Republican Party, his initial platform was Saturnian, ‘steady as she goes’, reliability, ‘the economy is in good shape’, to counter Obama’s inspirational but more uncertain Uranian qualities. Post-August 29 with gun-toting, moose-burger-eating, Sarah Palin at his side, John McCain attempted to re-badge himself as the ‘different drummer’, a key signature of Uranus. The Republican ticket had become the maverick team! Suddenly both presidential candidates were vying to be Uranus, the agent of reform and revolutionary change. McCain said he would take a new broom to Washington, forgetting to mention he was a long-term fixture within the very Establishment he sought to sweep out !

The Republican ticket gained traction from appropriating Barack Obama’s message of change. But if they won government the different drummer could be no more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as McCain by necessity would tone down his maverick label, to gain support from the conservative Republican Party. Obama stood accused on all sides of lacking the experience to govern, yet to navigate the political minefield of this campaign, he would need superb political skills and a conservatism to match his reformist agenda! Numerology suggests Obama, in fact, has conservatism and management skills in abundance through the dominant 4s and 8s in his birth chart.

So who is going to win this fascinating election contest? What do the planets and the numbers foretell? Prognostications are complicated somewhat by Pluto, which was well in position to upturn the Establishment during the primary race, but is now back in the religion-oriented sign of Sagittarius and will be there on November 4. Pluto first entered Sagittarius in 1995, around the time religious fundamentalism reared its head, and it is possible fundamentalism may still intrude on another US election. In 2004, Osama bin Laden released a tape just prior to the election which worked wonders for George Bush. The indomitable Bush even tried to postpone the 2004 election due to USA being in a state of war!

Despite Sarah Palin firing up the election hopes of Republicans, the latest war-zone is most likely to be the perilous US economy. Following US government intervention in mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in early September, then global insurance giant AIG, by late September the US credit crisis had escalated to such an extent that President Bush proposed an unprecedented $US700 billion bailout of Wall Street’s bad housing debt. Many questions were left unanswered. “Would the remedy cure the disease?” “Would the rescue plan prove to be Bush’s new ‘elephant in the room’?” While President Bush called for bi-partisan support for his new ‘war to save liquidity’ some commentators suggested Bush’s target was as misguided as his ‘war on terror’!

The Democrat ticket was finally written in the name of Barack Obama on a day filled with symbolism, the 45th anniversary of the ‘I have a dream’ speech by Martin Luther King. Obama spoke with the presence of a leader, and could even be the financial wizard USA needs at this crucial time, if his campaign funding strategy is anything to go by. It blew both Clinton and McCain out of the water ! Obama’s birth chart accords him the potential to be a law-maker extraordinaire, working for the good of the US community and the world; unmatched if he allows wise counsel to guide him, but undermined if he lets the inflation of power go to his head. With USA, Obama presents a formidable combination, a courageous warrior for change, yet with the potential to finesse USA’s financial problems.

In contrast, John McCain [born 29/08/36] has a birth chart which stands tall on loyalty, commitment, efficiency and hard work. USA’s chart further reinforces McCain’s personal themes, strong and committed to the nation, hard working, possibly not too exciting, unless he throws in an unpredictable surprise as only the 29th day can do. McCain is in a personal year 29/11/2 [= 2+9+8+2+0+0+8] in 2008, a helpful timing, giving him the element of surprise, reinforcing the strength of his birth day, and potentially giving support from unexpected quarters. Hillary Clinton’s ebullient pre-primary comments on McCain’s candidacy, her equally uncomplimentary jibes on Obama’s lack of experience, and her aggrieved and disaffected supporter base have all contributed to McCain’s gathering strength in 2008. We can only assume Hillary Clinton did not expect to lose the primary race!

John McCain’s campaign rebirth emerged from his greatest surprise, the selection of Sarah Palin [born 11/02/64] as running mate. Palin has an influential birth chart, matching vocational goals [4, 4 and 8] with the 44th presidency, perfectly aligning her candidacy. She will attract the support of many mothers through her ‘right to life’ views and her surfeit of [2, 2 and 4] patterns; but, she has a chart with many zeros which bring challenges from hidden and unexpected sources, related to family and power. Up to late September the major surprises for the Republican campaign had been a family pregnancy, trooper-gate, the bridge to nowhere, and an abuse of power inquiry which her husband and other witnesses deigned to ignore. Initially, the Republican campaign protected Palin from interview, perhaps sensing there were more surprises to come!

Despite this baggage and her embarrassing foreign policy naivety, Palin has uncanny links to the 44th presidency. She is age 44, her birth name Sarah Louise Heath has strength [71/8 from vowels = 31/4, consonants = 40/4] and she has a commanding age progression [8,9 and 8] up to February 2009. Powerful numerology, and together with USA, she has patterns which project her as a caring head of family [6, 2 and 8]. One thing is certain, win or lose, Sarah Palin will leave her mark on this election !

While Sarah Palin excited the Republican masses with her evangelical Christian, anti abortion, gun-toting views, these same views drove many disaffected Democrats back to the Obama fold! Paradoxically, with the numerologically powerful Palin in tow, the McCain-Palin ticket became financially and politically weaker, drawn to focus on communication and spiritual goals [5, 7 and 3] not usually connected to politics! McCain, Palin and USA together reinforce these same numbers, and unless their candidacy is aligned to the ‘spiritual education of America’, the whole exercise may be purely for the greater education of the Republican Party! By way of contrast, Barack Obama, Joe Biden [born 20/11/1936] and USA together produce numbers [9, 1 and 1] suggesting the potential for charismatic and compassionate world leadership !

Considering the election chart for November 4, McCain produces the same unusual ‘spiritual communication’ themes as with Palin, which suggest religious or ethical leadership [8, 7 and 6] may be the outcome for him. Instead of being a masterstroke, Sarah Palin may prove to be John McCain’s ticket to retirement!

McCain’s patterns are nowhere near as dominant as Obama’s optimistic and directorial [9, 8 and 8], which suggest Obama will be universal, compassionate and powerful, hard to beat at the polling booth. Obama’s full 10th house in the astrology chart for the election opening in Washington DC, totally out-guns McCain, whose only elevated planet is Mars, the god of war! In the event of war emerging before the election, the feisty McCain would have an opportunity to press his case as USA’s future commander-in chief, but even then Obama and Biden dominate the chart.

With USA facing a financial meltdown and severe economic depression, according to President George W. Bush, the war USA is most likely to encounter on the way to the polls is not military-based, and this does no favours for John McCain. As part of the Republican Establishment which encouraged financial deregulation, no amount of mud slinging by McCain or Palin at Wall Street, US Congress, Republicans or Democrats can change that fact!

Numerology predicts the 44th US Presidency will be a powerful administration, but it is one that would challenge Obama significantly on power and financial management. Irrespective of this, numeric and planetary patterns suggest the day will be Obama’s, if he can mobilise a stronger-than-usual turnout, reaching new voters, young voters, African-American voters; spreading his message of responsible ‘change’ down the information super-highways.

The first presidential debate on September 26 was judged by commentators as a win for Barack Obama, a day when ‘the future beat the past’. The burning question is “Will US citizens be bold enough to repeat this inspired outcome on November 4?”

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