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How can I use less energy in my home?

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As high energy costs continue to stretch the average Australian family budget, consumers are looking for ways to become more energy efficient in order to reduce those crippling power bills.

Along with increasing concerns about the impact burning fossil fuels has on global warming, consumers are ready to give serious consideration to reducing household energy consumption in the short term and using more environmentally-friendly energy resources now and into the future.

Starting with our own households, how can we use less energy in our homes?

Undertake an energy check up

Knowledge is power. Knowing which areas of your home are consuming the most energy is the best place to start when trying to cut costs. At Simply Energy you can obtain a free energy report which shows exactly how energy is being used in your home and provides recommendations on how to reduce consumption.

Often it is the number of small appliances on stand-by around the home which collectively use energy. Inefficient devices such as electric bar heaters, plasma televisions, old-style incandescent light bulbs and dryers are the high energy consumers around the house.

Reduce unnecessary power usage

There are numerous ways to be more energy efficient at home. You could these simple ideas:

  • Turn off lights and appliances at the wall when not in use
  • Insulating wall cavities as well as roof cavities
  • Draft-proof your home – including pulling curtains or blinds over glass doors and windows
  • Take shorter showers
  • Wash clothes in cold water
  • Use ceiling fans for cooling
  • Choose appliances with high energy efficiency ratings
  • Switch to LED lighting
  • These are just a few of the many ways in which you can easily reduce your power usage.

The worst offenders in the home are usually the family members who don’t pay the power bills – the kids! Educate them on the importance of being energy efficient and the benefits to the environment as well as mum and dad’s back pocket.

Research these excellent tips on how to make your home more energy friendly and you could see a welcome change to your energy bills.

Consider alternative energy sources

The future of energy lies in the effective use of clean energy sources such as solar and wind power. At Simply Energy they are looking to the future and are providing consumers with smart storage options enabling them to store the solar energy they generate for later use.

S.M.A.R.T Storage has the technology to charge or discharge electricity to help support the grid when needed. S.M.A.R.T Storage connects your energy storage system to other systems managed by Simply Energy to form a Virtual Power Plant. This is a big step forward in sustainable energy, allowing eligible households to get even more out of their existing solar systems. This can benefit you and your community. To find out more about the S.M.A.R.T Storage system you can visit

Create an energy-friendly garden

You can reduce the ambient temperature in your home by creating more shade across windows and roofs. Consider planting deciduous trees on the northern and western sides of your property. Deciduous trees help to reduce the need for air conditioning by shading your roof, walls and windows during the hot summer months. In autumn and winter when the leaves fall sunlight can penetrate, allowing warmth and light into the home.

Trying to lessen your home’s energy consumption is a responsible act. Collectively we can lessen the negative impact we are having on the environment while helping our budgets too.

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