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Use your powerful emotions

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Like a Ferrari, your emotions are packed with power – use them wisely.


Are you in control of your emotions?

A red Formula 1 Ferrari explodes from the grid, wheels squeal, burning rubber to the track. One hundred miles an hour in a few seconds. The driver’s head is forced back so hard he feels his face warping. He changes gears, acceleration shoves him back again, squeezing into his chest and ribcage.

He shoots that Ferrari around the track, and from the stands, it looks effortless.

Our emotions can be the same. The question is: Are we in control?

Do you ever feel like your emotions are like that Ferrari? But instead of helping you be smoothly in control and rip around the track with precision, your emotions are roaring at you from all angles and driving you, where they want to go…just hopefully not into the wall?

Who’s driving?

You might become angry, then that burst of anger, that emotion, decides it will control you, drive you. How? It may make you scream, yell at a loved one, or toss your broken kettle out onto the street – we’ve all done that one, right? (Maybe that’s just me).

One day life gets you down and you become sad or depressed. Your emotions drive you again and make you sit on your couch while it’s brilliant and sunny outside. Then, they force you to eat bowls of ice cream (that’s right, force you, no one wants to eat globs of caramel-salted full-cream heaven), blocks of chocolate, and maybe to drink too much of your favourite beer or wine, leaving your head pounding in the morning.

Another time you get anxious or worried, and that drives you to lose sleep, toss and turn all night, feel sick throughout the day, and worst of all, it may even add a stress line on your forehead.

Your emotions, like the Ferrari, with all its horsepower and thrust can add tremendous joy and excitement to our lives – or tremendous heartache.

So make sure you’re driving your emotions, using them to serve you.

Being aware of your emotions

One way we can do this is by simply being aware of your emotions when you feel them.

Well, what does that do?

The driver in that red Ferrari is fully aware of all the power he posses in that vehicle, and he knows when the g-forces push just how to control it and use it. Likewise, if you become aware of your current emotion, you are not controlled by it anymore, but you can use it.

Say something simple happens, like you can’t find your keys and you become angry. The first thing you need to do is be aware of that heat boiling within. Simply doing that takes most of the heat away, then you can understand why you’re angry; you can’t find the keys. Then, you can simply look for them.

Of course, that works with much bigger issues as well.

If your anger has flared and wants to drive to you to attack someone with a fist to the chin, first be aware you’re feeling anger, don’t let it control you. Next, ask why you’re angry, and get the answer. When you have the answer, look at what outcome you want; say, resolve the dispute,. Ask yourself , how you will do that. Then, simply resolve the dispute.

Take a look:

  • •Awareness of emotion.
  • Why you’re feeling it.
  • What outcome do you want?
  • Go for that outcome.

The uncontrolled anger will only cause harm to your life. So first be aware of it, see what it’s telling you, what you need to accomplish, then simply do it.

All your emotions are telling you something, some action or decision you need to make. Your positive emotions let you know what you’re doing right and what you need to do more of. Even negative emotions can be positive if you use them wisely and don’t let them lead you, bashing you around the racetrack of life.

Become a master of power

You might say it’s hard to control your emotions with all the pressure we face, and that’s true. But is it easy to become a Formula 1 driver? All beneficial things take practice. Practise being aware of your emotions when they spring up and using them to your advantage. If you don’t, you may get unwanted health problems, relationships that aren’t as fulfilling or joyous as they could be, and your personal growth and happiness won’t reach the level you otherwise deserve.

If you practise using your emotions, you can become a master of all that power, like that Ferrari driver. Despite all the internal pressures going on around you, the g-forces of life hitting you from all angles, the blur of the passing crowd, the noise of the engine, you will fly around the track of life loving it, and helping others do the same.

And others will sit in the stands, heads turning, gazing at you flying around that track in total control, leading the pack like a master driver in a red Ferrari.


Clint Lowe, a writer of fiction and self-help from Victoria, Australia. He has a YA novel on the way, and a self-help book in the form of story. | | twitter@TheClintLowe

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