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The two way radio of your thoughts

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Awareness and thoughts are a two-way radio. When you have a thought that is truly yours, you add energy to that thought and broadcast it to the world around you. Everyone who has tuned their dial to a similar frequency will pick up your energy and may even believe it to be their own.


What if you are more aware than you could ever imagine?

Have you ever thought about someone the moment before they call? Ever find yourself finishing your partner’s sentences? Or do you sometimes get a feeling that a friend needs you and you call them to find out they just got fired from their job?

What if you’re not partially aware but actually 100% aware, picking up on all the thoughts, judgments, emotions, and feelings from all around you? This magnificent capacity for total awareness that you have can be used to help transform the collective consciousness, or it can function as a curse of unawareness believing that you are the collective consciousness.

Listening to the silent broadcasts

An author and inventor by the name of Patrick Flanagan is known for inventing the Neurophone, which looks like a CD player with two outgoing wires with two sticky pads on the ends. It works by placing a CD into the player. When you press play, no sound will come out of the device – only a silent vibrational representation of what is on the CD. However, when you put the pads from the device onto your skin, you can ‘hear’ the CD playing in your head, even though there is no audibly projected sound issuing from the device itself. This implies that your ears aren’t the only parts of your body that can hear; in fact, your entire body is a receiver for vibrational frequencies!

Right now, you are ‘listening’ to all of the silent broadcasts of people’s thoughts from the world around you. How does this translate into your experience? It feels similar to simply thinking thoughts and having feelings and emotions. When you examine this principle further you will realise that most of these are not your thoughts at all; they are your awareness of the thoughts that others are broadcasting.

How to tell if a thought is yours

So how do you tell if a thought is yours or someone else’s? For one week, do your best to follow the process I created below.

Step 1: For every automatic thought you think, ask yourself, “Did I choose to think this thought?” Or, if it’s a feeling, ask, “Did I choose to have this feeling?” This will break the habit of believing that every thought or feeling that comes into your awareness is yours.

Step 2: Then, ask, “What thought would I like to think?” Or, “What feeling would I like to have right now?” As you choose which thoughts and feelings you would like to engage in, you will recognise what is yours and what is your awareness.

Here’s an example from my own consciousness: I have an automatic thought like, “I’m tired, life is hard.” I then ask, “Did I choose to think that thought?” The answer is no, it arose automatically. Then I ask, “What thought would I like to think right now? I know!”

I’ll ponder about just how magical and miraculous life is. “Life is a miracle! It is a miracle that I have life inside of me, right now, beating my heart and breathing my breath. How wondrous! How magical!”

This is an example of me interrupting the automatic broadcasted thoughts and choosing what thought and feeling-state I would like to experience.

What thought frequency would you choose?

According to Jennifer Hawthorne, an expert in consciousness theory, the average person has anywhere from 50,000-70,000 ‘thoughts’ per day, 80% of which are considered ‘negative’.

If I gathered one million people in a room and asked how many believe themselves to be undeserving, unworthy, bad, or wrong, they would all raise their hands. This is a consequence of people being aware of the collective thoughts and feelings and believing it is all their own.

If you were to choose your life, your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotional state from an infinite menu, what would you choose?

Your belief in which thoughts, feelings, and emotions are yours is a very powerful part of the equation of how you feel in your life. When you align yourself with any thought form, you are tuning your channel to a particular frequency and picking up all broadcasts on similar frequencies.

For instance, whenever you think, “I am ____,” you are tuning your channel to align with that frequency.

If you think “I am unlovable,” you are choosing to tune your dial with all parts of creation that are thinking that same judgment. You might think, “This is terrible! I don’t want to be aware!” Yet, awareness is a great gift when you are in alignment and it can work for you. As an example, you could think, “I am unworthy!” and pick up on all of the broadcasts of “I am unworthy!” or you can choose to think, “I am beautiful, whole, and perfect just the way that I am!”, “I love my magical life!”, “I am loved!” “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly!” and pick up on those thoughts instead! Life is truly a choose-your-own adventure game!

The two-way radio of your own thoughts

But awareness and thoughts are a two-way radio in that when you have a thought that is truly yours, you add energy to that thought and broadcast it to the world around you. Everyone who has tuned their dial to a similar frequency will pick up your energy and may even believe it to be their own.

This means that if you are in a bikini on the beach with your partner and you think, “Oh my God, my thighs are so fat! I’ve got to go on a diet!”, there are two things that are potentially going to happen: either your partner is going to pick up on your thought and think it about themselves, or he/she will pick up on your judgment and believe it about you also, thinking, “Babe, you really need to lose weight, you’re looking a little chunky!”

The energy of judgment is easily transmitted, and it can manifest in a number of ways when picked up on from one individual to another. The basis of the energy is negative and will trigger negative thoughts and feelings in others.

You may be judging yourself as fat, which transmits that negative energy to another, and they may begin scolding themselves over a mean thing they said to a family member. They will automatically be consumed with all of the thoughts about what that experience triggered for them.

This also means that you are broadcasting all of your thoughts and judgments into the heads of the people around you. You may think, “I don’t deserve my partner’s love.” If they don’t know they are 100% aware and can pick up on your thoughts, you will eventually energetically convince them to leave you.

The power of one small judgment

In 2005, I was showcasing for different country music labels in the hopes of landing a record deal. Each label said they were interested, but not a single one followed through. I asked myself, “What thought or judgment do I have about me that I’m broadcasting that is keeping me from being able to have a record deal?” I revealed, “I believe I’m not good enough and my music isn’t good enough to sign a deal.” Bingo!

The judgment I was putting in everyone’s head was identified and I changed the broadcast to, “I am amazing. Anyone would be lucky to sign me and my music to their label.” Within 24 hours of making that change, I was presented with a contract! I was in awe of the power one small broadcasted judgment and how much it had limited my life!

Once I implemented the tool above I learned how to know from where (or whom) the information was coming, which then allowed me to help transform the people around me. I began knowing what people were going to say before they spoke. Before I realised that I was receiving all of the information from my environment, I would think about someone who was suffering from loss, receive all of the information, and then spend my day wondering why I felt so sad. After using this tool, I began to recognise that it was their sadness, not mine, and I could be there for them in a more kind and compassionate way.

A starting point

Starting out, I would recommend using this tool and applying this conscious lens to all of ‘your’ thoughts, judgments, feelings and emotions for one week. Then, apply the tool to only the negative thoughts, feelings or emotions. This first step will allow you to easily and effectively clear what isn’t yours. Once you have used this tool sufficiently, you will begin to awaken a fine-tuning of your awareness and begin to know the different sources your awareness is coming from. You will begin to know, based on the energy behind your awareness, when your guides, angels, or higher self is sending you a message, if the broadcast is coming from a friend or family member or if you’re just receiving information from the collective. You will also begin to be so present that you never entertain a thought, judgment, belief, or feeling that doesn’t serve you.

By making this seemingly small change in your consciousness, you can create the life that is beyond the vibration of the collective consciousness… one from your own wildest dreams.

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