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Vale Amrita Hobbs

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by Mina Hunt and Andrew Lines

Amrita was a pioneer in the radical art of celebrating and exploring the rites of passage of woman.

Way back in the 70s, while others were waxing on about ‘feminism’, Amrita taught there was no real feminism or empowerment for women without acknowledging the importance of rites of passage; something Western culture had devalued for many years. Amrita led the way, facilitating innovative rites of passage processes, residential camps, school programs and workshops for teenagers and adults.

In 2003 she published a much needed handbook for teens called Getting Real About Growing Up, which supports girls through the gateway of menarche and teenage years. For five years Amrita took her work around the globe celebrating and awakening the global consciousness around the sacred feminine.

In 2007 Amrita co-wrote a rites of passage program for female students called the Rite Journey, training over 400 staff in 30 schools and youth services. Her work has touched in excess of 40,000 young people and women and will continue to touch lives through her book and the Rite Journey as the program continues to gain momentum around the world.

Amrita is remembered as an amazing facilitator, filled with creativity, love, strength and light. She lived her work, challenging and sometimes shocking her listeners into redefining for the better their view of ‘being woman’.

Tributes have flown in from around the world. This one is often repeated: “I met you 25 years ago as a scared 14 year-old pregnant girl. With your love and guidance I was able to raise my beautiful daughter. Your teachings helped me find my inner strength to move forward and trust in myself. My family and I thank you. You will always be our beautiful Amrita.

We are enriched by the knowledge that Amrita and her legacy live on in the gift of her work which continues around the world.

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