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Walking consciously, in the light

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Recently I was fortunate enough to be invited to travel, as a Visioning and Well-being consultant, to Central Queensland, Australia, to present shamanic workshops to an active group of farmers and graziers. Amongst other things, shamanism is known to be a path of deep connection with nature, the knowing of there being multi-dimensional worlds, and an understanding of there being a living spirit in all things.

Although it has been in my blood and psyche for as long as I remember, I had no idea for a long time that the way I saw the world had anything to do with what I came to know as shamanism. I have always been able to ‘see’ or sense life and spirit beyond the dimension that we live and walk in physically every day. There have been times in my life when I spent as much time communicating in other dimensions as I did in this one. As a child, growing up on a rural property with mixed farming, I would spend most of my time talking to my spirit sister, who no one else could see or hear, or would chat to my guardian angels, and to animals and trees. As I grew older, I lost the ‘sight’ of my ‘third’ eye until my mid thirties, when my ‘sixth’ sense began to re-awaken after a series of traumatic events. Once again I found myself living in worlds beyond the physical to bring about healing, clarity and deep connection with beings of light into my life.

Fifteen years ago, after almost forty years on the land, a series of “too hard” events left me little choice but to find another way to walk my life. That way presented itself as a path of service – to my own healing, the healing of my family, and the healing of individual clients, businesses, and communities. I was also dedicated to supporting and honoring the spirit and ancestors of the land wherever I lived, and eventually came to know my ‘way’ as Shamanic Path and Practice. Eventually settling in a bayside village in the outer suburbs of a large city, I travelled regularly to a nearby mountain where I further discovered the deep wisdom and healing powers of nature. I had a dream that one day I would return to country communities to share what I had re-awakened in myself in my deep and committed relationship to nature and the land. That dream came true a few weeks ago, and while there, my heart was filled with the wonders of the Universe, and it’s many surprises.

The biggest surprise of all was that I had a false belief running that it was unusual for farmers or graziers to be open to something like shamanism. This belief was blasted out of existence when I mentioned it to one of the farmers. He had a strong reaction to being stereo-typed, and after putting my foot in it further with even more outrageous comments, I became very humble and apologized profusely to the 18 men and women in the room for assuming they were some how less likely to ‘wake-up’ to a higher consciousness of ‘being’ than anyone in the city. My argument was that there were more opportunities in the city to be exposed to spirituality and all it brings. How could I have possibly imagined such a thing, knowing the power of nature, and that each person in the room spent most of there day connected to the earth and other natural elements?

There is no doubt the planet is waking up, and a mass-consciousness desire to create love and light is growing stronger and permeating the planet every day. The internet is assisting this awakening, connecting us all across the world. We hear of impinging disasters across the other side of the planet in seconds now, and can join together with the intention and hope to help lessen or divert potential harm. Or we can now instantaneously pray together for those lost to natural disasters, and send love and light to assist the loved ones left behind. Energy can now be sent and received in so many ways, through seen and unseen portals.

When I walked through the bush with the farmers and graziers, we stopped at energy portals along the way, and searched for the signs and messages in place for us. The day before, I had taught my eager students about The 8 Ways, which are guidelines to shamanic consciousness. These powerful, yet simple, Ways were gifted to me in 2011 through a spirit guide I know as Master Po, whom had come to me as a teacher during a visit to Hawaii two years earlier. At every portal, one of the 8 Ways would reveal itself, and we took it in turns to interpret and channel the messages we received. The spirits of the trees, birds and animals, along with the wind, joined in. By the end of our walk, healing light energy had reached us all in some way or other.

The 8 Ways teach us to walk our path strongly, in our True Nature, knowing who we are, where we are from, and where we are going. They remind us that life is cyclic, and to let go of fear of missing out, or becoming over-attached to outcomes, knowing there are unlimited opportunities for us to find our way and to manifest our dreams. The 8 Ways guide us to be present with ourselves and others, and to keep our hearts open in gratitude, to create love, joy, and light energy. They remind us to trust in ourselves, and our dreams, and to develop a powerful and empowering driver to create the life we want, to help us to stay motivated, in strong flow, and on track.

As the Men and Women of The Land walked through the bush to uncover the teachings of The 8 Ways, I was filled with love for human nature, and with hope for mankind. These gentle, yet spirited, men and women strive each day to provide abundantly not only for their families, but to produce food and materials for clothing, and shelter for us all. Their commitment to living and walking consciously in the light, equally considering all parts of self each day – their body, heart, mind, and spirit, is evident and worthy of gratitude and celebration. They are Adventurers and Pioneers of Light and Love, and set a fine example for us all in how to weave and integrate spirit so graciously and effectively into life and business every day. I am humbled to have been called to serve them, and incredibly grateful for a long-time dream of mine to have come into being in such a beautiful way.

Thank you for sharing this space with me today, and may your day be filled with love and light in your world of LivingNow.

In love and gratitude always, Heather.

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