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How to ‘watch’ your thoughts to claim back your power

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Thoughts have energy and power. They are the energetic, creative force that attracts into your life both what you do, and don’t, want. It’s also known as manifesting, creating your reality, and being a co-creator of your universe.


How many times have you heard the phrase ‘your thoughts create your reality’? And how many times have you had the associated thought, “If that’s the case, why am I attracting all this negativity into my life all the time? I think positive thoughts!” Stop right there. That IS the reason why. Allow me to explain.

The emotion attached to part of the sentence above, ‘Why am I attracting all this negativity into my life all the time?’, has power. You’ve just spoken up to have more of it. You are giving that request strength by the emotion you’ve attached to it. The universe doesn’t know why. You asked a question with so much conviction that it will give you more of the same so you can find the answer out for yourself.

If you are experiencing a difficult time, where you have become disempowered, or disconnected from your true creative spark and purpose, there are ways to shift this. It all depends on your thoughts and what you direct and focus your attention on. Recognition of the negative thoughts that creep in can take a little practice, and it’s VERY eye-opening when you see how often thoughts can run away.

You can make some positive changes immediately to begin your path to being the empowered individual who is able to manifest your true purpose.

How do you do this?

  1. Learn to recognise when you are having negative thoughts that are not in the here and now. Sometimes we get so carried off by our thought processes that we don’t even realise when we are dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. Bring your thoughts back to the present moment by noticing how your environment is making you feel right now. Appreciate and be grateful for the things you see, and the feelings you are having as a result of your ‘right now’ moment.
  2. Discover the positive situations and people in your life that initiate beautiful, loving thoughts and feelings, and focus on expanding these. With discovery, each time you learn to recognise a negative thought, you are also getting to the source of it. When you discover the source (usually from the past or the worry of the future), you will be able to watch it, remove the emotional attachment to it, and reframe it with a more positive energy thought.
  3. Make positive connections in your life. Connect with people who you can talk to about your situation/relationship where you felt disempowered so that you can begin to see your learnings from it. This helps to diffuse the negative emotion attached to the situation, and the associated thoughts about it.

When you’ve recognised, discovered, and connected to your thoughts, instead of judging yourself for having had a disempowering thought, applaud yourself! You are becoming more aware, and can now recognise and watch the thoughts instead of being carried away by them. You are now at the stage of disempowering the disempowering thoughts you’ve been having. Congratulations!

Seeking help from a health care professional if you are experiencing stress due to negative thoughts is highly recommended. Get additional support if you need it. Learning to watch your thoughts can take a little practice, though once you get started, it becomes easier and easier. Watching your thoughts without emotional attachment is part of the process to begin a journey to claim back to the true, authentic, empowered you.


Tracey Hogan is an empowerment coach and naturopath based in Sydney. She has 24 years’ experience in the complementary medicine industry.

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