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We are loved and taken care of

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Live your life as if you are loved and taken care of – and see what happens. Keep reminding yourself, because it will not appear to be true to start with.


The habits embedded within our very DNA are so deep that our experiences seem to confirm another paradigm. Some call it fight/flight. Others call it suffering. Others call it insanity. Whatever its name, it’s time we realised, it’s NOT true.

If something bad happens, here’s what we can do to start to experience what’s real. First, we must connect with our heart. Our connection to our heart is the connection to love and the truth behind the statement: “We are being loved and taken care of”. With our heart connected, it’s so much easier to keep choosing this option over the other options like: “What will happen if….?” or “I KNEW this would happen!”.

When we choose fear over love, we block the flow that reminds us we are being loved and taken care of. We first want evidence for things being OK, before we shift our attitude to that place. What we need to start learning to do is change our attitude first. Our heart is the key to this new attitude. Once we change our attitude, then our experiences can begin to change…. not before. Every time something happens within the existing paradigm that seems to confirm life as being random and dangerous, we need to do something radically different to change us profoundly. In everything we say, think and do, we need to walk a NEW story. It goes something like this:

“I am loved and taken care of. This thing that is happening right now that tells me otherwise is simply part of an OLD story that exists so deeply within me I cannot see that it is me that keeps this story alive. Right now I’m going to realise that though I feel wretched and unloved I will just do the best I can to move through the experience using my heart because that will give me the awareness that can help me learn from what is happening. I will let go this old story, because deep down I know it is NOT what is actually true. What is true is that I am loved and taken care of every moment. I know it because my heart tells me it’s true”.

We cannot ask ourselves, “Who is taking care of us?” If we ask that question, we will not be satisfied with any answer, and THAT will give us the convenient excuse to reject the statement that we are loved and taken care of and so continue the pattern of self-abuse, sadness, anger, rejection. That will, in the process, steal the joy that exists naturally within us at our very core. To experience the joy, we have to choose it. To choose it, we must reject the other. Then, when we reject the old story a miracle will start to happen which will reveal to us the answer to the question of where the care and love is coming from. We cannot know it in words – we can only know it through the product of our experience.

We are loved and taken care of… live your life as if it’s true. Touch your heart, and see what happens.

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Steve Ray

Steve Ray

Steve Ray is one of the co-ordinators of Padmacahaya's Open Heart activities in Victoria. He is a Reiki tummo and open heart instructor with more than 8 years of direct experience. He has a strong belief and commitment to practices that actively improve and grow our connection to the Source of Love and Light - the Source of our True Selves - Our Creator. For information about Padmacahaya, go to www.padmacahaya.org.au

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