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We are the land dancing

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Prayer and ceremony have always been an important part of his life. He was taught by his father’s people to pray all the time through his every action, thereby honouring all the principle ideas keeping a continual state of prayer in every single moment of his life.

Everything that exists expresses a principle idea. We are born into a realm of discovery. When looking at material reality, ask, “what principle idea is it expressing?”

In every tradition teachers use stories, parables, puns and metaphors as teaching tools. Metaphors connect the world around us with the metaphysical. It is not just a figure of speech. It is how God is present in our lives. When we think in metaphor, we think in godly ways. When we work in metaphor, we create an energy that is in a state of action that breathes life into ceremony. Ceremony is how humans (vibration) cry for a vision. Ceremony awakens us to the essence of everything that we encounter in our daily lives and a realisation that everything is, connected to the heavens, that it all goes back to the great mystery who is also, called God.

Every human being has super natural power. It is an innate part of us, yet we pour through volumes of written words looking for that which is already within our being. Ceremonies and rituals bring us to that point of stillness that we may connect with our greater self. Native American ceremonies, like, many other indigenous ceremonies are elemental based which connects them to the land over, and over again. This connection to the land is how they keep their power. They do not read it in a book or see it in a movie they just listen to the dreaming of the land.

Ceremonies have to do with chanting. Chanting has to do with sound. Sound has to do with the vibration of the spirit that is in the land. In ceremony, we are the land chanting, we are the land dancing.

When Beautiful Painted Arrow was eight he had to learn to speak three languages – Spanish, English and Tiwa. Up until that time he only spoke Ute, the language of his mother’s people. In order to learn these languages he sounded out the words and listened very carefully to their sounds. This brought him to the realisation that vowel sounds are the essence of the words, and their vibrations are the principal ideas encoded in the human gene pool.

All words made from these sounds, no matter the language, carry within them the same principle idea. He eventually developed an understanding of the principle idea behind each of the five vowel sounds: A = Purification, E = Placement, I = Awareness, O = Childlike innocence, I = Carrying.

Vowel sounds are the power that travels along the pathways determined by the consonants. Consonants have their own deeper level of meaning. When chanting we need to connect with the absolute essence of the vibration; so one needs only chant the vowel sounds.

Every word has its own vibration and when used in thought or word it calls that energy into the world. When next you hear your name called, understand what vibration circles the world. Know that the world has been infused with the vibration of your name. Often, Beautiful Painted Arrow is asked, “how does this infusion occur, how can a mere thought impact upon the world?” Well, consider this, with each inhalation you breathe in the world and with each exhalation you breathe out invisible minute droplets of vapour. These tiny droplets contain the sum total of your thoughts, words and deeds. These droplets evaporate, mingle with other droplets and eventually they form a cloud. This cloud travels endless miles before raining down and feeding the land with your thoughts, words and deeds. We are people of the land who eat the resonance of the land. We eat the rain and sun, the fields where scarlet poppies run. The ripples of the wheat are in the bread we love to eat. This then becomes the story of the land, your story and mine.

Everything that exists on the land is an extension of the land. The vast land expresses itself in cyclic ceremonies of seasons filled with heat and cold, colour and vibrancy. We feel these ceremonies and know that the land is in some state of purification. Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, the vast land reflects us in her floods, and raging storms, her fires and freezing snow. In Tiwa, the vast land is Nah May Neh – breath, matter and movement. In Tiwa thought, the names of our body parts are considered earth creativity sounds. The vast land is in constant movement, breathing out its magnetic self and breathing in the heavens. Of all that exists upon the earth, trees are the symbol of greatness, connecting the earth and the sky. They have all the elements within their being. Their feet are rooted deep within the land holding it together while their heads reach up into the sky giving refuge to the birds.

Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow – is an internationally respected author, artist, visionary and master storyteller of the Ute and Picuris Pueblo Indian traditions. He holds a Masters Degree in political science and has devoted his life to the understanding of vibration and its role in the creation of conscious reality.

Jennie Coles, Founder of Seven Circles, spiritual centre for planetary peace is an artist, aromatherapist, metaphysician, Sun Moon Dance Chief, Rights of Passage Ceremonial Leader, and Peace Sound Chamber Custodian.

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