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We sat in a circle and got down and dirty

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Have you joined the worldwide trend of fulfilled and hugely successful heart-based entrepreneurs and business owners? Find out how they are making bucket loads of money…without selling their souls.

Deep in a valley in the Gold Coast hinterland, we sat in a circle and got down and dirty. One very ‘successful’ multi-millionaire sobbed quietly, puzzled and bewildered.

The disparate group of high fliers, young healthy types, mixed with mums and dads, was part of a morning process at a well known health retreat. They had just spilled the beans about how life was showing up for them.

The multi-millionaire didn’t understand how he could accumulate so much material success and wealth and yet feel so lost and empty. His heart ached, but he didn’t know why. Like many in the business world, he had sold his soul and was paying the heavy human cost – yet it could be so very different.

From a multiple brain perspective (head, heart and gut), it is very easy to understand what was happening. Our heart intelligence is connected to our emotional centre, core values, purpose and mission in life. Our head intelligence loves coming up with ideas to support the deeper yearnings our heart. And the gut kicks a plan into action, again to serve our heart.

The problem starts when we disconnect from our heart and leave the head and gut to play havoc in the world. Yes, together they can reap great financial and material rewards, but that alone will not lead to real heartfelt fulfilment…the missing ingredient for our sobbing millionaire.

In contrast, there is a fast growing groundswell of fulfilled, successful and happy heart-based social entrepreneurs. They are doing what they really love…and making bucket loads of money at the same time.

What is the significant difference?

Money-based entrepreneurs are in it to make a buck… sometimes no matter the cost or how money is made. It is gut- and head-based and, when out of control, can lead to greed, selfishness, and addictive consuming of material things. Security is based on bank account balance, social standing and the amount of toys collected along the way. The focus is outside of self. ‘How do I look? How do I compare with others? How can I collect more? What’s my scorecard?’ But it’s a fragile sense of security. It can collapse as quickly as a change in the marketplace.

The heart-based entrepreneur starts at the heart intelligence. They ask, ‘What would be truly fulfilling? What does my heart really want to do in life? How can I add real value to my tribe or community? How can I serve?

Then they head up to the head intelligence and start generating ideas to support the heart’s yearning and promptings. Then down to the gut to get moving on the ideas that support the heart.

The focus here is on inner connection to what is truly important and then doing something about it. The scorecard is how much they can contribute positively to others rather than take from others. Yes financial success can come from this, but it’s more than that. The scorecard is about adding real value to the lives of others first. Security comes from an inner connection and knowing you are on track.

Business is changing. People have had a gut full of greedy, ego-bound, self-centred businesses and are willing to pay more to socially responsible and compassionate businesses.

It’s simple. Touch people in their soft spot – their heart – and they will open their wallet. It’s time to lead from the heart and do good business.

Did our sobbing millionaire find his heart? Of course he did… we love happy endings!

Bill Lee-Emery is a mBIT coach and master trainer based on the Gold Coast and delights in collaborating with heart-based entrepreneurs to take courageous action and get their best work out into the world.


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