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Wealth Wisdom Cards

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Cards by Shakti Durga

72 card deck

The first thing that struck me about these cards is the impressive tactile and visual quality they have. The deep shades of red and gold in the colour palette evoke feelings of luxury, prosperity and abundance. The sleek finish of the high-quality card stock creates a pleasing weight when handled and the gilt edging is just divine; a perfect little detail that adds to the sumptuous feel of the deck.

It’s clear from the very first impression that Shakti Durga has invested a lot of love and care in the design of these cards.

I quite liked that this deck didn’t come with a lengthy guidebook. Each card has a bold key word or phrase, and the accompanying text is so succinct and clear that no further interpretation is needed. Using this deck is incredibly easy – there’s no need to fumble around with guidebooks or read long-winded explanations to determine any deeper meaning. The messages are right there in front of you.

The Wealth Wisdom card deck comes with an insert that provides five different methods for using the cards. Again, they are brief, straight-to-the-point and incredibly user-friendly. I used the archangel spread and was impressed at how useful it was, with questions like “What do I need to think?” and “What do I need to do?” paired with intuitively-chosen cards that respond directly to those questions.

Wealth Wisdom Cards is a highly recommended deck for those looking for inspiration or guidance. Aesthetically pleasing and incredibly well conceived, this is a resource designed to help you attract abundance, manifest wealth, find your passion and reach your destiny.


Review by Mel Sorini

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