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What is becoming is breathtaking

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Do you feel it too? You may be still feeling the effects of previous hardship, but pause for a while, observe the space between your thoughts, between your breaths, and feel that sense that everything is okay. More than that though, there is a quiet excitement at the prospect of the future coming towards you.

Suddenly it seems as though something exciting is about to happen and all the previous painful moments have been preparing you for the moment now where you will simply step into a new state. It won’t even feel like taking off your clothes and changing into a different outfit. It will be as though a heavy coat simply slips from your shoulders and you keep walking into the sunshine. It is slipping off now and that is why you know the new state of being is coming.

In the editorial of April LivingNow I have quoted one of my authors, True Indigo, an Alaskan with a heap of wisdom. He says, “There really isn’t time to wail over what was. What is becoming is breathtaking.”

People have told me they feel the same thing. There is a definite anticipation in the air. One correspondent said, “I’m incredibly excited and at the same time remarkably calm and at peace about the way things are moving and shifting at the moment.”

True Indigo also tells us that everything is perfect. Please read his article for yourself, as I will not do it justice as he does.

If you’re not feeling that coat slipping off, then that is perfect too, for you have realised that there is more to look forward to. The moment is perfect as it impels you to evolve that bit more. I don’t normally resonate with snow, and maybe it is because I just thought of the absolute silence of the Alaskan countryside covered in snow that it comes to mind now, but visualise yourself in a snowscape, feel the silence, hear your own breath, follow it, pause almost imperceptibly between breaths and connect – connect with yourself, connect with Mother Earth, connect with the Universe, connect with All That Is. Start by simply connecting with yourself. Do this each day for a few minutes and build up to 20 minutes. Add chanting to it if that feels right, or visualise a teacher or an avatar. Play with it and move the scene to the bush or a mountaintop or the beach. The beach is wonderful as you can connect your breath to the waves and feel and hear the space more tangibly.

It’s time – don’t put it off any longer. Remember that saying – you’re the one you’ve been waiting for.

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