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What do we need for our lives today?

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Native American, J. Reuben Silverbird, answers seven questions

Due to this physical deficiency in the very early years of his life – along with the strong and united love of his parents and the extraordinary nomadic education he had, Reuben grew up with a deep connection to Great Spirit and Mother Earth, which continues to be the source of the love and healing power that shines through in Reuben’s many appearances around the world.

As a Peace Ambassador attached to the United Nations, Reuben speaks of ‘love and peace throughout the world today’ and travels to the four corners of Mother Earth with the Universal Peace Federation. A friend of the Dalai Lama, former US President Bill Clinton, and former President Yasser Arafat, J. Reuben Silverbird enjoys a high profile overseas and is regularly invited to perform ceremonial blessings at the Nobel Prize Institute in Oslo, Norway.

1. What would be your most important tip for people who are looking for a fulfilled life?

Live a PURE life. Don’t focus on the negative. You can change the negative into positive, if you are willing to try. This will transform your life into a world of light.

2. What is your thought on the purpose of life?

I believe, like most people, that we came to this earth to do good things and help each other. However, I think that people in world power may follow a different agenda for humanity. World leaders are in such a strong position of influence, focusing the mind on achieving their goals, however, their thinking is continuously based on greed and money. If they would only listen, they would realise that humanity is calling out for peace in our world!

3. In your opinion, what are the three biggest mistakes one can make in life?

The first one is not to THINK before speaking. The second is not to LISTEN closely enough to what others and also Mother Earth are saying. The third mistake is to stop LEARNING. We should never think that we already ‘know it all’. Many people do exactly that while speaking to them.

4. What are the three most important tips for lasting health?

One message will sum it all up: have a pure mind.

Train your mind to think positively and leave only a small room for negative thoughts. If you can focus on that, you will not only be healthier, but also younger and happier.

To observe and listen to your body, is another important point. Often, we do not listen enough to our body and eat too much. To drink PURE water is another important aspect. Water is one of the most wonderful nourishments of this world, which we sadly neglect too often. Another tip is to control the intake of alcohol and tobacco. The moment we cannot control this consumption, we become addicted.

In all we do, we need to learn not to misuse or overuse.

5. If you had three wishes to fundamentally change the world, what would they be?

a) I would wish that all damage to Mother Earth could be reversed.

b) I would instill in each family in this world the values of true love and respect. It seems to have been lost all over the world. We need to re-learn the meaning of ‘parents’, ‘father’, and ‘mother’.

c) It relates to the previous wish in that parents understand the responsibility they take on when coming together and bringing a child into this world, that they may learn to guide this beautiful child, rather then disciplining him or her. It is the parents’ responsibility to be a role model. Sadly, with the exception of a few, this equates to a rollercoaster for most, influenced by TV and computer games.

6. In your view, what could an individual do to contribute to living together more harmoniously?

One person, especially if in a leader position, should be able to love and respect people to such an extent that s/he will think of them first. Each one of us is a powerful miracle and we have the power of language to communicate with each other in a friendly and peaceful way. I pray we will receive a leader who can encourage and keep world peace, rather than causing death. It is possible to achieve this if we let go of greed and arrogance. We need a leader who considers the needs of others, instead of thinking of themselves, an intelligent person with integrity and courage to speak the truth, even if it is painful to them. If such a person were to grow up as a child in an environment of pure love and respect, the possibility of his becoming a leader, treating all of humanity with love and bringing peace to the world, would be high.

7. What is your interpretation of the 2012 predictions?

I had a vision when I was seven years old. I had quite a life, very interesting in the way that I was born a miracle child. I was born blind and lived in a world of darkness for four and a half years of my life. It was interesting because I learned things that we normally do not learn.

At the age of seven I had a very traumatic vision. I thought I had died, drowning. I love the water and swimming. On a very hot July day I went swimming in a reservoir, and by all standards, I drowned. In that drowning period I witnessed everything that is happening today – all the things that we are getting today, the earthquakes, the terrible tragedies of floods, I saw all these things.

So I am not surprised with everything that is happening to the world right now, but we have to be very careful. Well, there is not going to be an end of the world – so we can be happy about that, but we are going to witness a lot of things. The animal kingdom will also move around. We will see animals we haven’t seen before, because the earth is changing. I will say that it’s not just the people of the world are to be blamed for this change, but I think that one slight movement of the earth causes these things to happen. 2012 and 2013 are going to be amazing years. My vision has terrible things happening in 2013, with people disoriented, and we need to bend like the willow tree in the wind.

I think that what we have done to encourage this happen is the speed that we are on. It is at a rate that our bodies have to adjust to. Our children born today would seem like they are adjusted to it, but they are going beyond the pace of what the body can take.

I think we should strongly pray, and the prayer should be TOGETHER and the prayer should be from the heart in unity. The world has to do this to be able to change around what is happening to Mother Earth, because you know, we belong to Mother Earth; Mother Earth does not belong to us!


by Jutta Swan

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