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What on earth am I here to do?

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I’ve heard many people, including myself, despairingly say, “If only I knew what job I was to do, I’d go ahead and do it…” It’s as though we’re searching for some pre-ordained or externally assigned purpose or task.

It can never be answered this way. The primary confusion is not in asking, “What am I here for?” It’s in asking, “What am I here to do?”

What you are here for is your life, as your own life is the answer. It’s what your essence, unique self, or soul, has been shaped to share. You’ve been sensitised to something, and your own life required you to be sensitised to that – sensitised so that you’d care enough to share that with others. The job is to remember what that is.

That’s why we were born – born to be reminded of how we’re to help others remember.

Just as white light through a prism makes all of its always-there colours visible, universal love is made up of an infinite array of personal forms. As each colour is an intrinsic part of white light, each personal form of love is an aspect of what’s universal. Each one of us is one of those forms. Each one of us is one of the beautiful tones, colours, or vibrations that is already part of that one united rainbow.

You, soul, unique self, the already magnificent unique manifestation of the un-namable all-that-is, are here for a specific form of love that’s together universal. The One differentiates as the many, and the many reintegrate as the One. Personal love, together universal.

We’re here for a specific, personal form of love. It’s our signature style.

The rest is up to you. You choose the form it takes. You know your situation better than anyone. You’re the one interacting with others. You’re the one who in that moment has the opportunity to make a difference to that person’s life. Because you know your circumstance better than anyone and you’re in the best position to know your purpose, what you do is up to you. That’s it. You choose. That’s co-creation.

That’s how you answer, “What am I here to do?” You act in some way that creates the love you’re here for. What you are here to do is what you choose to do. There is no other way.


Philip Oude-Vrielink is passionate about manifesting our true nature and creating our lives on purpose and he illuminates life.

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