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What is the purpose of psychic development?

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For many years I believed that the purpose of psychic development was to improve your psychic abilities – to become more accurate in predicting the future. This is what I had learned and what I taught in my psychic development courses.

One day I remembered that the word psyche means soul or spirit. Developing the soul means training it to find nourishment, so that it may be sustained throughout your life and beyond.

Attending to my physical needs, I worked hard for money as it afforded me choices. With enough money I was able to choose where I lived, the hours I worked and how I dressed. This gave me a sense of control over my self and my life, but it wasn’t enough. I still felt under nourished.

Clients consulted me for predictions and initially this process drained me. At the end of a day of readings I was tired, depleted with the process. Instead of gazing at each client with curiosity, as to how they had taken a thousand steps to arrive at my table, and what knowledge they might impart to me as we sat together, I became resentful that they wanted more and more details about how glorious life was to become tomorrow, next week or next year.

I had forgotten that their deep desire to win lotto or meet Mr. Right might be distilled to a yearning for spiritual nourishment – or happiness. In the end I mirrored some of my clients; being someone with a hungry soul whose needs have been ignored or forgotten in the daily demands of life. Every few weeks I’d meditate at night in bed, with a dim flickering candle as accompaniment. In these meditations I’d remember. I’d remember my hungry soul or psyche, and how drawing down the light left me feeling in a state of bliss for hours, or days afterwards.

On the days after meditations, my curiosity returned. I’d greet my clients with curiosity, eager to discover the path they had chosen and how they nourished or refused to nourish themselves spiritually. If a client refused to nourish herself, I’d scan back through her life to a time when she was nourished, and describe this time to her.

Tears often flowed when I did this. Tears of relief, of joy and of gratitude that I had reminded them of the spiritual journey they were taking. These were often simple descriptions, such as the moment a woman held her grandson for the first time. The moment she held the newborn, she remembered the gift of life, and how she too had been awarded this gift. She stood silently, a witness to a radiant, spiritual being, before he is muddied by too many daily demands.

The deeper purpose of psychic development is to develop the soul or the psyche to a point where it can recognise all of those viable avenues for nourishment and development such as prayer, meditation, gratitude, humility and unity with fellow travellers on the path.

A strong, well-developed psyche is important when we are tested by dismal life circumstances, as we rise above physical, emotional or mental frustrations to nourish ourselves spiritually. Without this nourishment we risk sinking into petty frustrations, such as stressing over traffic delays, rising costs or envying the lives of others. If you replenish yourself spiritually on a regular basis, you are less likely to forget your underlying purpose in this lifetime. Consequently, you are less likely to lose your way in life. The clients who arrive lost and tired have temporarily lost their way or forgotten to spiritually nourish themselves. My job is to remind them in a way that is unique to each person.

Life can be a powerful distraction from your purpose. It offers many temptations which seem like shortcuts but which actually lead you away from spiritual nourishment. With each shortcut, you forget more and more of your true purpose, until your routines of meditation, prayer, yoga, jogging or dance seem like a past-life habit.

When you’re spiritually nourished, the traffic delays are acceptable, not being promoted at work is less significant and the need for expensive distractions to compensate for the inner hunger aren’t required, as you are already happy. When we are spiritually hungry we become ambitious for physical or material goals and accomplishments as a source of fulfilment.

Even if it is not your path to meditate on the side of hill for the next 20 years, nourishing yourself spiritually can strengthen you for the demands of city life. Until coffins are made with luggage racks, the only thing you depart from this world with is your soul, and the understanding you gained from your life experiences.

This is illustrated repeatedly when I contact deceased relatives and friends of clients. They don’t voice regrets about not having a bigger house or a better car, but about the emotional content of their lives. They sometimes explain how they wish they had taken extra holidays, played with their children more and told those still living how they felt about them. Play nourishes the spirit, and an exciting, interesting or even a restful holiday can restore spiritual equilibrium.


Clairvoyant, writer and regular media guest Paul Fenton-Smith is the author of ten books on self-development. With simple language and entertaining examples, Paul takes a practical approach to the esoteric. Whether reading for clients, teaching or conveying his broad knowledge through his books, Paul aims to bring tangible benefits to people’s everyday lives.
His books combine humour with lively storytelling that animates each subject. His engaging, anecdotal approach has won him a worldwide readership and invitations to share his entertaining insights on television, radio and in magazines and newspapers around Australia.

Paul began his studies with a course in palmistry in 1978. Moving from Adelaide to Sydney in 1980, he studied the tarot and completed a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy (1986) before leaving for London to complete a certificate in psychic counselling (1988).

In 1985 Paul established the Academy of Psychic Sciences in Sydney, aiming to set a standard in the industry. All students who seek certification through the Academy must first successfully complete written and practical examinations and abide by a set of ethics.

Aside from his teaching commitments at the Academy, Paul also writes for magazines and is currently writing two more books. He also runs a busy private practice in Sydney as a clairvoyant, counsellor and hypnotherapist and he conducts courses around Australia, the US and the UK.

For more information, please phone 02) 9418 8907 or email or visit the web site at

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