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What’s the use of Reiki?

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Reiki is used by millions around the world, in health care contexts and now in peer-reviewed science. What can ordinary people expect from Reiki’s extraordinary powers?


Reiki is the channelling of life-force energy through the hands. It is carried out by people who have been trained and initiated in person (attuned) by masters (or teachers) who have received initiation from others in an unbroken line from the founder, Mikao Usui who healed and taught in the early 1920s.

Reiki offers extensive toolkits providing many readily visible effects, with no unwanted outcomes, but the long-term benefits can take time to show up. You can give yourself an immense gift by putting hands on yourself each day, and by sending distant Reiki to your mind and body, relationships, past wounds, and the attainment of goals.

Reiki people already know that the body is susceptible to the demands of modern living. Unrelenting alertness and stress, the expectation that we will relinquish downtime, rest and even sleep in the pursuit of careers, lack of time for relationships with family and friends – all conspire to make us anxious and depressed, and subject our bodies and brains to oxidation and inflammation, consume our resources and lead to chronic conditions.

We can use Reiki effectively, both to allow us to rest and regroup, and also to stimulate awareness of the forces arrayed against our health and happiness. It is so very simple to put hands on ourselves, to breathe slowly and deeply and to be grateful for all the blessings that have been granted to us. Undertaken day by day, these can protect us from negativity and self-destructive patterns.

Reiki has the potential to stimulate the alpha brainwaves that accompany meditation, daydreaming and healing states.Incoming Reiki energyalso has the reliable effect of helping us to relax.Over time, our Reiki-imbued body and mind grow stronger, we are more resistant to triggers and our mind rests in equanimity. We can accomplish miracles of healing – slowly, simply, quietly, day by day.

When you learn to live with Reiki day in, day out, it is easy to accept and then to overlook the miraculous potentials that now inhabit your hands, to lose sight of opportunities to explore further and to uncover whole new ways of being. Reiki is about personal practice, sustaining ourselves through the ups and downs of daily life, dealing with residues of the past, reassuring ourselves in the long dark tea-times of the soul, and helping us to age slowly and graciously.

Reiki is about awakening and nurturing compassion, so that we can go beyond our own concerns and reach out to others, accepting that we are all more alike than different and recognising that marvellous power in us to heal, to help, to hold and to empower others in their struggles. Reiki acknowledges the reality of our own and others’ pain, loneliness, alienation and need for comfort, healing and support.

Ultimately, Reiki is about transcendence. Each time we channel the Reiki energy, we are tacitly acknowledging membership of realms beyond what we can see and asserting our place in the universe. What more could one ask for?


Elizabeth Thuan MA, ‘kidnapped’ by Reiki in 1994, with partner Robert has trained, mentored and healed hundreds of students and clients, has a wealth of ‘hands-on’ Reiki experience, and is a passionate advocate of the transformative potentials of Reiki. Elizabeth is a presenter at a Roundtable on the Science of Reiki to be held in Melbourne September, 2016.

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    You do not learn Reiki; those who claim that you Learn do not really understand what in reality Reiki is.
    In simple terms Reiki is a Creation, it is Energy/ Frequency & Vibration of Language and or Symbols that when written as sentences is applied to selected Chakras (Energy centers) within the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional Body through the Physical Body.
    It is not Spiritual or Natural. It is not Hypothetical or Assumed and if anything is created you can only Harmonize with one at a time.

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