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Wheel of fortune spell – empowering abundance creation

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Kira calls this tool a spell, which, she says, is “just a practical exercise with a wee prayer and extra oomph – nothing weird and no religious beliefs required”. What I, as editor, observe is that, though it’s called a spell, it’s pretty much the same as a vision board or even a list in your journal might come close – so take heart if a ‘spell’ is not for you.

My all-time favourite spell is the wheel of fortune spell. I have been making these for a few years. They have helped to bring me my husband, house, business, money, health, spiritual growth and happiness.

So many times in the last few years when something magical happens for us, Chris and I look at each other and say “The wheel of fortune spell that did that!” We know that because I write and use pictures of extremely specific things that I want to happen. When it does, it is always exactly as I wrote or pictured it.

An example is my husband. I was single for five long years before we met. As a vegan who’s a psychic medium and healer I thought, ‘Hmmm… it is a long shot that I will ever find someone who’s also vegan and understands my out of the ordinary way of life.’ I didn’t want to compromise and be with someone who didn’t accept my way of life fully. I had pretty much settled for being alone forever.

Spirit told me strongly to stop believing I had to be alone, and instead get Mr. Right by using a simple spell. So guided by Spirit, I made the wheel of fortune spell, one each for health, wealth, love and work.

On the love wheel, I put that I wanted a man who was musically and artistically creative, a vegan, spiritually aware, generous, hard working, good with money and drop dead gorgeous – a tall order I thought, but Spirit insisted on my putting down the absolute best that I wanted to have – no holds barred.

And after a few months I met Chris, who is a vegan, a healer, psychic and spiritually aware; he’s a singer and songwriter, an artist, and he is very gorgeous. He is also good with money and has great business sense! I got my true love without having to compromise on a single thing.

The ‘health’ wheel of fortune I made has taken me from being a caffeine addicted, junk food vegan living on roast potatoes, mash, chips and dark chocolate to being in a state of health now, that is way beyond anything I could have ever imagined, eating a mainly raw vegan diet of fresh fruit, veggies and greens.

The ‘work’ wheel of fortune took me from working for a clairvoyance agency, to running it and having my commission tripled, and then to setting up my own business, The Lighthouse, and then a second business called Purely Raw.

The ‘money’ wheel of fortune worked in giving me a huge windfall which meant I didn’t have to work or worry about money for the year I spent getting married and setting up The Lighthouse – and the windfalls and nice financial surprises keep on coming.

It is a truly wonderful all-round spell, which will totally sort anyone’s life out! Use it wisely, use it well.

Here’s how to do the wheel of fortune spell.

Decide which wheel you are going to do – whether it is for love, health, spiritual growth and connection, prosperity or work.

Get a big piece of card or paper in the right colour for which wheel you are doing.

For a love wheel, make the card pink or green.

For prosperity do gold.

For spiritual growth use white or violet.

For work choose orange, for health choose green.

Then get the coloured card and cut out the biggest circle you can from it.

Stick a photo or drawing of yourself in the centre of your circle of card.

Decide what you want to bring into your life. Write a list. Make it very specific and the best that you can possibly imagine.

Some tips:

If you want a new man, make sure that you write that he is single when you meet! Make sure that you are physically attracted to him, describe what he looks like and how tall he is. Write if he has kids already or not. And don’t forget to put in how you want the relationship to be, i.e., ‘We are passionately in love’, ‘We are faithful to each other’, ‘We are each other’s best friend’, etc.

With the ‘money’ wheel, write that the money comes to you in joyful and happy ways. Write that you don’t need to work hard for it. Write about what the money will do for you, what your life will look like with more money what it will actually bring to your life, maybe a new house, new clothes, a hot tub, a horse, whatever you desire.

Even if health and spirituality don’t seem to be that important, do give those wheels a go. You will be amazed at what can happen for you, how your life can change in ways you can’t imagine, if you do those two wheels as well. Even if you think you are in good health, make affirmations to be more flexible, have more energy, and eat more healthily, to be happier and mentally strong and positive, maybe become increasingly youthful.

The spirituality wheel can include your opening up psychically, becoming a healer, seeing auras or fairies, ascending, finding your path, growing closer to Goddess/God/Spirit, talking to angels, or simply finding inner peace.

Once you have written down the desires that will make up your wheel, flick through magazines and the internet to find photos and pictures that describe your affirmations perfectly or draw some of them yourself. Then cut them out.

Stick the pictures on your card all around the edge of the circle leaving space in between your picture and the other pictures you stick on.

Draw a line going from each of the pictures to the photo of you in the centre. These are the spokes of the wheel.

Write along that line, exactly what you want to bring into your life.

On my ‘love’ wheel, I wanted a man who had a love and respect for all things. So I found a photo of a famous poet who I admired for his love for all things, and his general attitude to life, and I put a photo of him on my wheel. I drew a line from him to me in the centre. On the line I wrote, ‘My partner has a love for all things just as Mr. X does.’ By the way, a few weeks after I did the wheel I met that famous poet and worked with him on some healing and energy work – weird huh?

Other things that I put on that wheel were photos of men making music, and along that line I wrote: ‘My partner is creative’. I found photos of happy couples and wrote “ My partner always sees my point of view and we co-operate with each other.’

Be precise and meticulous about the wording, and the photos you use. You will get exactly what you put on the wheel.

The finished piece should look like a wheel with the pictures forming the outside rim, and the spokes going into you in the centre with your intentions and wishes on it.

When you’ve finished, bless it by writing on it on the top, or bottom, “All of this, or something better, now comes to me in divinely perfect ways and in the perfect time, harming none, and for the greater good of all. Blessed be!”

Currently I have five, one each for love, prosperity, spiritual growth, The Lighthouse, and health. The Lighthouse one has lovely intentions like, “Every client we have is prospered and blessed with love”, “Every pound a person spends with us comes back to them multiplied”.

Put it up somewhere no one else will see it. Inside a wardrobe door is a good place. If you have people who may not understand in your house, they could laugh at it, and that is not good for the positive energy you are creating. Look at it often. Visualise it spinning, whirling energy out into your world.

Take it down when it feels right to, and keep it somewhere safe. You’ll look back on it in years to come and be amazed how well everything has manifested for you.

As a clairvoyant and healer for over ten years, Kira G Goldy works with people all over the world, empowering them through her peerless clairvoyant reading.

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