When is life a living meditation? By Tracey Stranger in LivingNow

When is life a living meditation?

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Have you ever felt like life is totally unstable and changing, the intensity of physical, emotional and mental stress is at an all-time high, and some days you feel lost at sea without a rudder, and you are yearning for inner stillness, peace and calm?



Energy follows awareness

When my meditation teacher said to me in 1993, “Eventually you will experience life as a living meditation”, I thought“Wow! How amazing would that be, that I could be still and centred, calm and peaceful within, no matter what chaos was around me.”

Over time the presence of stillness in my life expanded as I was more mindful of the energy around me and within me. I listened to the stillness and it grew. Energy follows awareness. So I focused on the stillness and it expanded to fill my awareness.

I love inner peace and stillness; the power of focusing on the breath. The breath is free and available every moment. It simply requires awareness – to be mindful in the moment of the quality of your breathing.

Mostly we shallow breathe in the chest only. Deep, abdominal, belly breathing brings more oxygen to the bottom of your lungs and increases prana, your life force energy.

Start like this

Posture is essential to optimise the oxygen flow through your body to nourish and heal, and to clear your mind. Uncross your arms and legs, feet flat on the floor, shoulders gently back, palms open and facing upward. Now imagine a long thread gently pulling you up taller, and taller from your crown chakra way up through the clouds, lengthening your spine, allowing more oxygen to flow freely.

With quality deep-belly breathing, an aligned posture and mindfulness on each breath, now notice the stillness of each in-breath and the stillness of each out-breath. On the in-breath visualise the stillness expanding within, while on the out-breath see yourself merging with the stillness all around and through the cosmos.

Little by little

I started with ten minutes each morning, then after a few weeks, half an hour each morning. It was easy because every cell in my body was saying ‘YES’. I loved being in the stillness, feel-ing inner certainty, clarity, peace and stillness. Consistency leads to discipline, and discipline brings freedom.

Remember that the stillness is always present, whether you are aware of it or not. So focus on stillness and expand your world of peace and stillness, within and all around you.



Tracey Stranger is Australian Leader for Inner Stillness, author, soul-centred astrologer and hypnotherapist located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

www.EssentialHealth.com.au Ph: 0409 879 271 Email: inspire@traceystranger.com

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    Thank you Tracey. Love being part of your Tuesday Meditation Group at the Helensvale Library, Helensvale on the Gold Coast, Qld. I do love your meditations and hearing your words of wisdom.

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