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Why are we so tired, overweight and unwell?

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Although you do inherit your genes, the majority of your health is completely in your hands. You can take control back over your own health.

A common belief is that most of the illnesses, weight problems, tiredness and disease we suffer in life are somehow ‘genetic’ or ‘bad luck’. Yes, your genes have an influence on your health and longevity, but most of your health profile (your body weight, energy, skin health and disease-risk) is triggered by the composition of your daily food and lifestyle choices.

The single most basic measure of human evolution and advancement is healthy life expectancy. There has never been a society that has had a long, healthy lifespan while smoking, heavily drinking, overeating, avoiding good food, avoiding sunlight, and not having daily outdoor movement of some sort. Super-centenarians (aged 110 or older) do not usually depart this life from stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s or cancer. The centenarian secrets of longevity are not related to technology, synthetic vitamin pills, treadmills or good genes. They place a priority on good food and health and understand good lifestyle choices are the key. Centenarians (aged 100 or older) stay mentally sharp, happy, physically fit, unstressed, in touch with their diets and socially engaged.

So, what is the solution? A mixture of education and genuine sustainable behavioural change. Long-term education based on real foods and learning from human longevity throughout history –not sponsored by drug companies, weight loss companies, or any company with an agenda to keep you overweight, addicted and permanently hungry. Get yourself educated about what you eat, why you eat, and your daily lifestyle habits. This will change your life and quite possibly save it. I have seven very powerful and yet simple suggestions that have created health miracles for the thousands of people all over the world. When done well, these strategies make the biggest difference to your health, energy, body size and disease-free longevity.

  1. Understand that you are NOT your genetics. Around 97% of your health is in your own hands. Most modern diseases are less than 3% genetic.
  2. Learn about which foods are daily (80% of your diet) and which foods are treats (20% of your diet). This always starts with a centenarian-inspired, plant-based wholefood diet, and builds from there, depending on what your own body needs (do not compare your body to others).
  3. Be prepared and control your environment. Alter the environment you are in so that it serves you rather than poisons you. The key word here is ‘preparation’. Change what is in your shopping basket, cupboard and fridge so that, when you are hungry and in a rush, you only have good food all around you.
  4. Change your behaviour and daily habits, slowly and sustainably, over time. This is the big one.
  5. Introduce regular fasting into your life (this frees you from the tyranny of modern food, breaks food addictions, transforms your immune system and positively changes how your brain works).
  6. Be part of a regular routine-based exercise program (walking outside in the sunshine is still the number one exercise of all time).
  7. Build rhythm, routine and regularity into your day. This includes sleep times, wake times, meal times and exercise times.

Your health is the cumulative experience of your lifetime and it is the little things you do every day that have the biggest influence on your wellbeing. You can take control back over your own health –no matter your age, race, sex or current health condition. You can make the difference!


Jason Shon Bennett is the best-selling author of Eat Less, Live Long and My 20 Golden Rules

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