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Why declutter?

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Transformational events can create rapid change in the way we choose to live our lives. Cultivating mindful simplicity can be of great benefit when integrating our new experiences.

As spiritual beings having a physical experience, we have the opportunity to detach more and more from the confines of our physicality and delve deeper into the spiritual realm. However, we may find ourselves inundated with a plethora of courses, retreats, rituals and ceremonies to partake in. Everything and anything seems to be on offer if you’re a willing participant; past life regression, disease healing or cures, adornment, heightened awareness, lucid states, and even enlightenment. 

A search for purpose

I personally believe this is more a case of going back to our roots and relearning/revealing all we knew hundreds and thousands of years ago, however this is a topic of discussion for another time.

I have my own strong values of self-betterment and continual learning, so I am always curious to see what is on offer and learn of other people’s experiences. I give many things a go, in order to gain clarity on the big questions in life: ‘why are we here?’ and ‘what is my purpose?’.

Every spiritual experience I have been fortunate enough to have, changes me slightly with respect to how I was prior to the encounter. This can ring true for all of our experiences in life. However it is what happens after a ‘spiritual awakening’ that I find most interesting.

Post-retreat readjustment

When I return to my everyday life – my routine, and more mundane tasks – I have longer periods of ‘readjustment tension’. I find it hard to reintegrate and simply pick up where I left off. Some tasks that may have previously offered purpose and meaning may no longer do so, and vice versa.

Like me, you may find that your perception on what is and isn’t significant shifts, and thus so too do your priorities. Where you may have previously not been able to sit down and relax after dinner until the kitchen was tidy and the dishes done, you may now feel there is more value in spending quality time with the kids before bed and tending to the kitchen later.

You may also appreciate the subtler things, like how your partner’s hair falls and frames their face, the light bouncing from each strand creates a beautiful hue. The smell of the wet leaves under foot as you walk the dog that previously signalled to you that you’ll have a wet smelly dog when you get home, now reminds you of the gratitude you have for the rain that waters the trees and help them grow.

There are generally changes in your awareness, senses, emotional state, and wellbeing. Whilst this will differ for everyone, times of retreat offer us the stillness and the ability to reflect, which often leaves us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Release what no longer serves

For me, the biggest shift is in my need to clean, declutter, and cleanse. I can spend weeks or often months after a period of deep spiritual learning and retreat rearranging my home, cleaning and ridding myself of all that no longer serves me.

I feel stifled by too much stuff surrounding me, feeling that it is detracting from my new-found feeling of deeper contentment and peace. I also notice how my style of dress has subtle changes as I become even more deeply in touch with who I am and what I need to express myself more purely.


In an age where the word ‘minimalism’ is often thrown around more and more, our society is becoming increasingly aware of excessive consumerist tendencies – and it’s about time, too! I have well and truly jumped on the bandwagon.

I can’t tell you how invigorating it feels to bring more harmony into my space in order to foster the blissful feelings I have returned with. As I shift and grow, so too do my surroundings, so it seems only natural to feel the need to sort and reorder.

A shift in perspective

No longer does it seem that the ultimate dream is the white picket fence, the latest car in the driveway, and the two kids and a dog scenario. People are becoming bolder, feeling less inclined to conform and more liberated to sell all their belongings to travel, or to live in a tiny home mortgage-free.

Whilst I am generalising here, the days of society ‘norms’ are fast disappearing, as people seem to be pushing more boundaries and following their own hearts’ desires. This is very liberating. I love hearing about how profound experiences change a person. Some quit their job, get divorced, or do that thing they have needed to do but didn’t previously have the courage.

I have no doubt it is different for everyone, but ask yourself what happens when you come out the other side of a life-changing experience, and find the joy in that!


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