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Why we should read fairytales to our children. Part I

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We asked Denny Johnson what the basis was for his philosophies

There is a well documented time called ‘the first hour’ – referring to children’s first hour after sleep. The universal sleep cycle, which is a cycle we all follow, phases through beta, alpha, theta and delta. Adults go to delta in minutes but children up to 16 stay for one hour in high amplitude alpha.

Children seek out in the dream state (alpha) how to resolve issues and, as a result, they do not develop into a character deficiency. For instance, when they hear the story of the three little pigs they work out what to do when the wolf chases them. This is of course transferable to things other than wolves. Fear of abandonment is a big motivator of behaviour. If a child goes through enough repetitions related to this, it helps them to resolve it so that the fear is not with them as adults. Stories like Hansel and Gretel are perfect for this.

If it is possible to use the telling of fairytales at night to help young children to clear dysfunctions before they are adults, it is an opportunity for us to do a great service to our own families. Children love that contact anyway. If the parents have difficulty finding the time, they can make a recording in their own voices and play that.

Science is beginning to confirm that lots of things other than body parts are transferred from generation to generation with a genetic basis. It appears that time-based gene codes for things like predisposition to suicide, for instance, can be transmitted. The genes, in effect, have a calendar on them and they open up at the predetermined time. There is a genetically confirmed tendency toward lots of things. Alcoholism, suicide and smoking come to mind, and there is some evidence that jealousy may be at the root of diabetes. Yes, it could be brain chemistry or unresolved fear at a deeper level which leads to the compulsion of smoking or alcoholism – so there may be behavioural patterns that lead to different symptoms – but we don’t know that they don’t have a unique combination of genes behind that.

How do we help? We don’t want to start suicide counselling at age 6, but there has to be a clear mechanical solution as to how to overcome the difficulty before it happens, and this is where fairytales come in. If we can make even a little bit of impact it’s worth doing.

Fairytales can clean the gene code and resolve physical diseases before they manifest. It’s extremely difficult to change adults. I focus most on helping families with kids under 8 (and up to 16) to use that first hour (which is Nature’s gift to parents) to get them to heal. Science recognises that somewhere between the ages of 7 and 8 the brain goes through a change and is no longer receptive to fairytales in the waking state… that symbolic part of the brain closes and is almost impenetrable except for that first hour of sleep. So, after the age of 8, we are no longer accepting of those stories, except for entertainment, as they no longer change our inner topography.

We asked Denny whether there was any scientific evidence to support his hypothesis that fairytales clean the gene code.

No – there is no scientific evidence to tell you that, but some years ago I spent time in Sweden ‘unravelling’ deformed infants out of deformity. The two most important things to help were touch and stimulation for up to four hours a night on fairy tales, which is like watering the roots of the brain. So I can’t say if it changes the gene code, but it is my experience and belief. When you are actively engaged in something, you find answers in that field. I don’t find answers relating to other fields of endeavour. I work with kids and families, and so I get the epiphanies in that area. Children are the answer for the future.

About fairy tales

Throughout the ages, the spoken word has been used as a tool to open the minds, and touch the hearts of children. On every continent, and within every culture, words have been the primary tool to guide and empower the young. Words are like water penetrating deeply into the unseen regions of the earth. Once there, water encourages and frees the dormant seed to begin its journey into the light. The vibration of the voice, and the symbols it contains, likewise accesses hidden levels of a child’s mind and calls forth the latent gifts.

Regardless of a child’s age, its mind is amazingly intelligent. This intelligence is responsible for managing and maturing the miracle of DNA evolving into a human body. This same intelligence takes in an endless stream of impressions, and experiences a constant symphony of feelings. Each of these feelings, no matter how small, is categorised, stored and utilised to guide and develop the child’s consciousness.

The child’s conscious mind is like the tightly woven petals of a flower bud just beginning to open. The child’s unconscious mind is as vast as the universe and capable of achieving things beyond the comprehension of the human imagination. This intelligence is alive and dynamic. Even when the child is very young or asleep, it hears, understands and responds to spoken words, especially if those words are from someone who loves the child.

Symbols and the child’s mind

The power of love focused through the symbols of a story triggers movements at the deepest level of a child’s mind. When a child hears a story, its unconscious mind instantly translates the words into many different languages that match the different levels of the child’s existence. One language only affects the body. Another level of the mind hears a different language and only the feelings are affected. Still another level of the mind utilises the same words to create a language which only affects the thought processes.

Within a child there are 12 languages corresponding with the 12 grandparents and the lines of the family tree they represent. Each symbol within a story affects the body, the feelings, and the thoughts in different ways and stirs the genetic memory of a specific family line. The symbol of ‘water’ for example, is a feminine symbol. There is an exact body system and specific area of the brain which responds to the word ‘water’. There is also a different feeling accessed by the word ‘water’, as well as a specific action motivated by the same word. The feminine nature of the word ‘water’ opens the mother’s side of the family and begins to increase the flow between the maternal grandmother and the child. In general, the vibration of the word ‘water’, also accesses the urinary system, the right side of the brain, and the pineal gland. The feeling of water is quiet peace and gentleness. The word ‘water’ encourages the mind towards spatial perception and multiple possibilities. There is an increase in internal mental sensitivity and away from outer body functions. When the word ‘water’ is spoken in combination with other words, its effect is changed into a myriad of other slightly different outcomes. Each combination of words accesses the influences of other family lines, until, by the end of the story, the whole body is humming and flowing.

In contrast, the word ‘fire’ is masculine. The child’s mind that hears the word activates the digestive system, gall bladder, the left side of the brain, and the pituitary gland. The feeling is emotional, like anger or passion. The mind is encouraged towards focused action and determination. The father’s side of the family is activated. Usually the family line of the paternal grandfather comes into play. There is an increase in overall body action, and a decrease in mental states. The masculine qualities of ‘fire’ have a completely different influence from the feminine nature of the word ‘water’. The intelligence of a young child’s mind knows the universal meanings of each word which is spoken, and adds its own variations from the personal experiences.

The resolution of unresolved feelings

Like the conductor of a grand orchestra, the child’s mind instructs different parts of the body and mind to respond in their own unique ways. By hearing different stories, different systems of the child are stimulated and strengthened. Like tuning the instruments of the orchestra, the symbols of a story can dissolve imbalances in different family lines. It can also guide the child towards naturally existing gifts it would otherwise be unaware of. The ‘symbolic’ or feeling level of the mind stores unresolved feelings like tiny bubbles or images. These unresolved spheres of feelings are the result of hidden fears within the mind. Acquired genetically and through the environment, these fears obstruct the child’s access to higher states of consciousness and optimum physical health. The burden of carrying these hardened bubbles weighs heavy over a lifetime. The energy to store and maintain these crystallised spheres robs vitality which could better be used to raised the consciousness of the child and the family. Over a period of time, the accumulation of these imagery bubbles builds pressure within specific body systems, glands and organs, altering body chemistry and health. A similar pressure builds within various levels of the mind, stimulating thought and action, which builds a topography of personal habits. Through these processes, a body type and personality are formed and expressed.

The flowing of the voice as it tells a story delivers a rhythmic sequence of images into the symbolic level of a child’s mind. The movement of these story images activates the corresponding unresolved bubbles within the body and mind, bringing up the fears that created them. Repetition of the story gradually dissolves the bubbles and the pressures they generated. During the same time, the old fears are processed and released. Like pure water flowing over dissolving rocks, loving words of a story clear away the shadows of fear within the child. With the aid of story images, inner blueprints of pain are symbolically released before they create physical or social outcomes. The result of this process brings peace to the mind and body of the child, allowing the light within to shine more brightly.

The level of the mind that stores and processes images is basically feminine, and represents an ‘indirect’ level of the mind. This feeling level of the mind responds to messages that are ‘implied’ or symbolic. In the early years of a child’s development it is this level of the mind that is growing most rapidly. During this stage of development, a child is extremely sensitive to the feelings and words of its mother. The feminine quality of the mother is attuned to the feeling mind of the child. For this reason, the mother’s voice is the most effective when using stories to nurture and guide the early stages of a developing child’s mind. The femininity of a child’s symbolic mind is one of the reasons that in children’s stories fear is often expressed as an ‘evil witch’. When the witch dies in a story, the implied message to the child’s mind is to release the fear associated with its symbology. The feminine gender of the witch directs the point of conscious within the child’s mind to a deeper level.

Two examples of how a child’s mind would translate a story

In the story ‘The Wizard of Oz’, one of the witches is destroyed by the character, Dorothy, throwing a bucket of water on her. The old fear (evil witch) is purified by Dorothy (child-like innocence) and the movement of water (spiritual feelings).

In the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ the evil witch trying to eat the boy is destroyed when the young girl throws the witch into the oven. The children eat all the sweets they want and return home with precious gemstones. In this story, old fear (evil witch) is trying to consume the boy (masculine body), but is interrupted when the girl (pure innocence) throws the witch into the fire (purification). Boy saves girl; girl saves boy. The union of masculine and feminine overcomes the twin fears of abandonment and poverty. The children eat their fill of the sweet house (love) and return home (body) with riches (higher states of consciousness). This story uses the masculine symbol of ‘fire’ to direct the child’s mind into higher states of consciousness and into a different family line from when ‘water’ is used in ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

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Denny Johnson is one of the world’s leading spiritual visionaries. He founded Rayid Iris, which reveals a personality and spiritual view of the iris, and Rayid Birth Order, revealing important insights about our spiritual evolution and healing our family tree. He also writes beautiful fairy tales that consciously transmit light, peace and love to all children in the world. 

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