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Wise Mind Living: Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Life

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If I were a car I think I’d be a Honda Civic: reliable, stable, consistent and completely lacking in dramatic flair. There’s a lovely section in Wise Mind Living (by Erin Olivo) that suggests the book is an owner’s manual and toolkit for our emotions: it helps us maintain our emotions for optimum efficiency and peak performance, let’s us know what the warning lights are and helps us master our vehicle, so we can be the best drivers we can be.

If we’re the cars, Erin Olivo PhD is the master mechanic. As a licensed clinical psychologist and assistant professor of medical psychology, Dr Olivo brings her impressive list of qualifications and professional experience to creating this masterwork of self-development. Her goals are to help readers find ways to better health, increased fulfilment and enhanced emotional well-being.

If you are easily overwhelmed or dealing with levels of stress or anxiety that are affecting your relationships and life goals, Wise Mind Living is an invaluable resource that can help us stop struggling with emotions like fear, anger, shame and sadness.

The core principle is about living in balance with your emotions and logic: it’s a pragmatic, forward-looking approach that avoids rummaging through years of emotional history in preference to dealing with those emotions in the now. Focused on solutions, Wise Mind Living lives firmly in the present and is interested in what works, right here.

The conclusion of the book features a six-week-long Wise Mind Living program, a comprehensive guide to mindfulness based exercises and lifestyle skills that change the way we think, feel and behave in situations where stress and anxiety arise.

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