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Women. Allow yourselves to receive

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When was the last time you had a massage, a hot bath with rose petals, attended a belly dancing class, relaxed as you walked along the beach or had an energy healing to refill your love tank?

Why do you as a woman know how to give and yet find it extremely difficult to receive in return? The majority of your day is spent in ‘giving’ mode. Being a wife, a mother and a woman is a nurturing role and is spent giving to others for most of the day. Your time is spent cooking dinner, cleaning house, doing washing, making lunches, ironing clothes, feeding the cat, kissing better your child’s sore body parts, scrubbing the toilets – and that is all before you even start your paid job!

You expend much energy daily without receiving any in return. Even if it were to be offered to you, it would be of no benefit if you were not willing to receive.

Picture this energy as love and imagine you have a love tank within your body. Each time you give love out attending to your daily duties, your tank empties little by little. By the end of the day, you are depleted and exhausted. You have no more love to give because your love tank is empty. You don’t have the slightest inclination to give to yourself, let alone the energy to do it. The only thing on your mind is to fall into bed. On waking the next morning, it is still empty. There is never love left for you. It is at this point we may become resentful and bitter for not receiving any help and not having any time for ourselves because it is always spent looking after others.

The only way to improve this common theme in your life is to start filling up your love tank throughout the day before you reach empty. When was the last time you gave to yourself genuinely? I mean without guilt or without apologising for it. We have the tendency to sit down to read a magazine or watch a movie and feel guilty the whole time, because we have so many other things we should be doing! Have you ever gone out for a break to get some fresh air and come back only to apologise for going in the first place? That is not allowing yourself to receive. You may as well have stayed because your mind was there the whole time anyway.

So what is it about receiving that makes it so hard for you to accept? What answers are you getting when you ask this question of yourself? Is the reason you feel guilty because you don’t deserve to have it all? Do you believe you don’t deserve to be pampered, nurtured, looked after and loved? Do you feel, as a woman, that your job to give out to everyone else first because that is what you signed up for? No, your duty is to be happy and fulfilled in your life.

You are a beautiful, loving being that deserves to receive as much, if not more than you give. Fill up your love tank and have more energy for yourself. Don’t be the last one in line. You can only stay depleted for a short time before your health begins to deteriorate. You can have it all simply by making your needs a priority. I am not suggesting to neglect anyone else, but I am proposing that you treat yourself as abundantly as you would others.

This is not a reward or a treat; this is a necessity in your life. It is food for your soul. Make a conscious effort to give and receive daily and allow the flow of life to be with you always.

So now it is time to devote to you. When was the last time you had a massage, a hot bath with rose petals, attended that belly dancing class, relaxed as you walked along the beach or had an energy healing to refill your love tank? Book them all into your diary today.

You are a natural-born giver and, for the most part, you truly enjoy doing it. It feels satisfying in your heart because it is fulfilling your soul. When you allow others to give to you they also experience the joy of giving – so ask your partner for a foot massage or a hug or your child to brush your hair today.

Happy receiving.


Deanne Stock is a recognised expert in Emotional Empowerment. She is an inspirational writer, speaker and is the founder of ‘Live Love Empowerment’. With her work transforming many lives, Deanne is dedicated to educating her audience to feel powerful about their lives.

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