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At our Lightworkers’ lunch on International Women’s Day, we talked about the fact that for thousands of years the world has been dominated by male energy. This has led to remarkable achievements in science, technology, industry and commerce. I try to avoid stereotyping, but it’s true to say that men are typically adventures, explorers and inventors, striving for bigger, better and further-reaching goals. They can be very driven and competitive. Women on the other hand tend to be the connecting force in a community. They hold families together, organise the social events and nurture the weak or the sick, the children and the elderly – the glue in a society. While men stretch the boundaries, women hold us together.


With male energy dominating most cultures in the world, some serious problems have arisen. Although we have aircraft and technology connecting the people on the planet, the female energy that nurtures us and holds us together has been suppressed. Humanity seems to have put power and profit ahead of people. We are still struggling with war, poverty, pollution and disease. According to Dr. David Hawkins, author of “Power versus Force”, we haven’t yet reached the first rung of human evolution since we have not solved even the most basic problem of world hunger. The imbalance of power has taken us on a path towards destruction. We have been disconnected from our heart and soul, and disconnected from the earth that sustains us. As ancient cultures have indicated, we are now in a time of great change, and female energy is re-awakening.

The Mayans have a prophecy of the eagle and the condor uniting. The eagle represents masculine energy of the intellect, and the condor is the female energy of heart and intuition. The union between the two is said to bring peace to the world. This concept is reflected in drawings on the Hopi Prophecy Rock, showing a choice of two paths that humanity could take; one of greed, comfort and profit, represented by a head disconnected from the body, and the other is the path of love, wisdom and compassion, with a drawing of the head attached to the body and therefore connected to the heart. It is said this second path leads to peace, health and prosperity. The first leads to calamity. The Hopi Indians say these choices apply personally and collectively.

Uniting male and female energies and connecting the head and the heart won’t happen by doing things differently within our current paradigm. It won’t happen because of pay increases for women or changing legislation about equality. It will only happen as a result of awakening our heart energy and our intuition. As Tracy Bartram said at our lunch, it’s about each of us connecting with the divinity within. This means that we all must shine the light on our dark side and work on a personal level to clear our fears, limiting beliefs, judgement and shame.

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