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How writing stories can tap into your inner resources

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Writing stories can do more than simply make you famous or rich. That’s the mistake people make when beginning to write. I know. I’m not a published novelist; not by traditional means anyway. But writing stories has helped to fertilise my mind, even ease some of the chronic pain I suffer from.

By writing stories, I mean writing fiction. We all draw from our vast storehouse of images and memories when writing. This sifting of the soil means that new life will literally spring from the garden of our mind. New ideas come to us. These ideas aren’t just applied to the writing itself, but to living – possibly the greatest art of all.

I noticed this during a very dry patch in my life. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, and starving (literally and figuratively). Then it came to me to merely simplify my life. I did. I began to write 1000 words each morning; I stopped worrying whether I was going to be published or not. I simply wrote one thousand words of fiction. My temporomandibular joint disorder got better, my mind became clearer and I generally felt more empowered to live my life.

It’s a practical thing; writing one thousand words a day. It’s like exercise in that if you don’t do it, you get fat. Then you stop being functional. Writing fiction can in fact aid you in being functional. It can help your life to bear fruit.

The other thing is: it makes your mind more absorbant. You are able to read more clearly, and movies make more sense. You sense the underlying meaning behind it all. You even begin to sense the underlying meaning behind your own life – the substratum of it all.

Start Writing!

P.S: This prescription is not for everyone. Nothing is ever that simple. Everyone responds to things differently.

Vinny Do has a B.A in Professional Writing from Deakin University. Aside from writing stories, articles and songs, he maintains shadow careers in sales and as a DJ.

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